Fitbit continues to win several prestigious design awards

Fitbit Inspire 2 screen resolutions and size

Fitbit has won several awards from the prestigious iF (World Design Guide). Recently the company also had design awards from the Red dot design organization.

The new design awards from the World design guide are in several different categories.

Fitbit Inspire 2, a finalist for Discipline product, 2021

Inspire 2 is a natural evolution from Inspire and Inspire HR by advancing the technology, softening the form for greater comfort, and pairing with Fitbit Premium software bundle and experience with data-driven insights complete health solution.  

Heart rate shown on fitbit inspire 2

The Inspire 2 is a popular Fitbit fitness tracker that features 24/7 heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring, and activity tracking. The tracker is affordable at $99 and is a great product for looking for a simple activity tracker with a great design.

Fitbit Sustainable packaging for Discipline packaging, 2021

Fitbit packaging now features a “Pop-up book” structure that presents the device and accessories all at once, in a delightful way. Unlike previous unboxing experiences, this package features a molded paper pulp tray with beautiful contour, propping the device up. 

Fitbit Flow, Design award for 2021 Discipline Product

After seeing the global need for ventilators during the COVID-19 pandemic, Fitbit applied its deep in-house expertise in advanced sensor development, signal processing, algorithms, and hardware design to create Fitbit Flow quickly, an automatic resuscitator inspired by the MIT E-Vent Design Toolbox and based on specifications for Rapidly Manufactured Ventilation Systems. Fitbit flow design award

Fitbit conducted extensive simulations and consulted with Oregon Health & Science University emergency medicine clinicians caring for COVID-19 patients & many additional health organizations to receive FDA Emergency Use Authorization (June 2020) for the device.

Exciting times at Fitbit

There have been rumors that Google is likely to unveil the Pixel watch soon. They may be working on a new Smartwatch but are also investing heavily into the development of Fitbit features. 

Recent Google hiring shows how the company is thinking through integration features and revamping areas that need attention, such as the Music experience on Fitbit products.

Fitbit’s Sense, released last year, was a widely acclaimed product and found many fans. We haven’t seen as many new products over the recent years from Fitbit because of the capital crunch. 

Now that they are part of Google and have access to capital and great engineering talent, we will probably see faster product cycles that include exciting features.

Kudos to the Fitbit product development and engineering teams!

Source: iFDesign Awards

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