Forgot Google Pixel Watch screen lock pin or pattern or it’s not recognized and locked you out? How to fix it

Lock screen with PIN on Google Pixel Watch

I literally just got my new Google Pixel Watch, and I was already getting locked out! I stupidly chose a pattern (instead of a pin) for the security lock, and my fingers couldn’t seem to get that pattern right when swiping on the watch’s lock screen!

So before I even got the chance to test out my Pixel Watch, I was already troubleshooting it. Let me tell you; this is very frustrating.

So, if you’re one of those unlucky souls like me who get locked out of your Pixel Watch, I’ve got some tips for you that work.

So let’s get to it.

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Is your Google Pixel Watch not recognizing your unlock pattern or pin? Google Pixel Watch PIN or Pattern entered too many times incorrectly

Okay, the bad news first. If you can’t remember your watch’s pattern or pin or the watch doesn’t recognize it, you need to factory reset your watch. There’s just no way around this other than entering the correct pin or pattern.

When you reset your watch to factory settings, it erases all your watch’s apps, settings, and data. 

The good news is that there are several ways to reset your Pixel watch

  1. Use the Google Pixel Watch app to reset your watch.
  2. Remotely reset your watch from Google’s Find My Device.
  3. Reset from the watch’s Fastboot menu (useful when you are locked out and can’t reset the pixel watch using other methods.)
Currently, there is no physical button or a combination of button presses that can reset your Pixel watch.
So don’t be stupid and insert anything into the watch’s holes–this will definitely damage your watch and likely void any warranty. 

How to reset your Pixel Watch using the Google Pixel Watch app

If your watch shows up in the Pixel Watch app, let’s first try resetting it using the app.
  1. Open the Google Pixel Watch app on your phone. Watch app by Google for Pixel watch
  2. Verify your watch shows as Connected.
    1. If not, skip to the next section using the Fastboot menu.
  3. Scroll down and tap System. Setting in Google Pixel Watch app
  4. Choose Reset and unpair the watch. Google Pixel Watch app reset and unpair
  5. Tap Reset again to confirm. Google Pixel Watch app confirm reset watch

Wait for the watch to unpair. Once it’s unpaired, go through the setup process again.

How to reset your Pixel Watch using Google’s Find My Device

Now, if you don’t have access to your phone right now, you can factory reset your Pixel Watch remotely using Google’s Find My Device.

You can visit the Find My Device website or the Google Find My Device app.

  1. Open Google’s Find My Device.
  2. Sign in to the Google account you use with your Pixel Watch and its paired phone.
  3. Choose your Pixel watch from the list and images of connected devices. Google Find My Device website
  4. Select Erase Device.
    1. You might need to sign in to your Google Account again. Google Find My Device erase Google Pixel Watch
  5. Tap Erase Device again to confirm that’s what you want to do.
When you erase your watch’s data, all data is permanently removed from the Pixel Watch, including its device locking pin or pattern. 
If your Pixel Watch is offline, the next time the watch comes online, it will be erased. 

How to reset your Pixel Watch using the Fastboot menu

The Fastboot menu is Google’s tool that communicates and writes directly to your watch’s memory. We use Fastboot for things like Recovery, Bootloading, and even system updates.

What we’re going to do is wipe the data from your watch.

  1. Press the watch’s Digital Drown, choose to Power off your Pixel Watch, and wait for at least 30 seconds before you turn it back on. Press and hold the Digital Crown again to turn it back on. How to turn off Google Pixel Watch
  2. Wait until you see a white G icon on the watch’s screen. G icon on Pixel Watch screen
  3. Simultaneously tap both the upper-left and lower-right corners of the watch’s screen to enter Fastboot mode. How to enter Fastboot mode on Google Pixel Watch
    1. Look for the watch to tell you it’s entering Fastboot.
  4. Once in the Fastboot menu, press the side button to scroll between Fastboot options. Fastboot option on Google Pixel Watch
  5. When you highlight Recovery Mode, press the crown to select it. Google Pixel Watch Recovery Mode in Fastboot options
  6. You should see an Android Recovery screen appear with options. The default selection is Reboot system now.
    Google Pixel Watch Recovery mode option in Fastboot
  7. Swipe down with your finger and highlight Wipe Data/Factory Reset.
    1. If you pass it, swipe up with your finger to highlight it. Factory reset Google Pixel Watch using Fastboot mode on the watch
  8. Swipe right with your finger on Wipe Data/Factory Reset to select it.
  9. Swipe right on Factory data reset to initiate the process. Google Pixel Watch Factory data reset using Fastboot mode
  10. Wait for your watch to reset. When done, you will see the Recovery Menu again. This time choose the option to Reboot system now.

After rebooting, your watch should show the pairing screen. Open the Google Watch app and pair your Pixel Watch with the app again. Look for a pairing notification.

If you cannot pair it, uninstall the Google Pixel Watch app from your phone and then reinstall it.

Does your Pixel watch show a no command screen instead the Fastboot options screen? No Command in Google Pixel Watch Fastboot mode

If you ran through the steps to factory reset your Pixel Watch using Fastboot mode but got stuck on “No command” when entering Recovery mode, try the following on that No command screen:

  1. Press and hold the Digital Crown and keep it pressed in.
  2. With another finger, swipe up from the bottom of the watch’s screen.
  3. Wait for the Recovery menu to appear, then swipe down to select and highlight wipe data/factory reset and follow the remaining steps as listed above.

Final thoughts

Hopefully, you were able to factory reset your Google Pixel Watch. If not, consider reaching out to Google Pixel Watch Support–and let them know what happened and what steps you already tried to troubleshoot the issue.

Personally, I decided not to use a PIN or Pattern at all for the lock screen, which works for me (at least for now.) But if you need to lock your screen, I highly recommend using a PIN rather than a Pattern–lesson learned for me.

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  1. Hello all, unfortunately this does not help me, because I bought the watch from someone who did not provide me with his google account and/or pattern he used. Is there a way to link the watch without this? I tried the factory reset but after that its still asking for the previous pattern or google account 🙁
    Thank you

  2. I had to reset my Watch 2 using your instructions. I would have been lost without them. Thanks. I also don’t want a pin or pattern.
    Saved me a call to watch support

  3. I second Scott ! My watch wouldn’t recognize my pattern either. Then once I got to the recovery mode it showed “No Command” and you have the only article that helps from that point forward.
    Thank YOU

  4. This saved my skin. I accidentally set a pattern I didn’t remember, and the reset from both the phone, the find my phone app or the watch itself weren’t working. Had to do the menu on the watch and reset that way.


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