Amazfit Wearables partners up for offering precision nutrition and real-time health monitoring

Amazfit GTS 2 smartwatch

Huami Technology (NYSE: HMI), the Amazfit brand of wearables, is joining forces with Royal Dutch DSM Group (DSM), a global science company focusing on nutrition, health, and green life.

The two companies have announced that the parties will use Huami Technology’s smart wearable technology as a key resource to focus on pre-diabetes, heart and sports health, research, and provide precise nutrition and health services.

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Amazfit Wearables and Royal Dutch DSM Group (DSM) collaboration agreement details

As per the agreement’s terms, Huami Technology provides several advanced smart wearable technologies and PAI health assessment systems under the AMAZFIT brand. 

These technologies combine with DSM’s unique AVA digital platform and data capabilities to achieve Real-time monitoring and tracking of health data to provide precise nutrition and health services. 

Yang Xin, chief operating officer of Huami Technology, said that accurate nutrition, health, and exercise information for users could play an important role in preventing and controlling chronic diseases and creating a healthy lifestyle. 

Human Amazfit Powerbuds

Royal Dutch DSM Group (DSM) has extensive experience in this field.

Combining wearable technology with the AVA digital platform can create more value-added solutions and better fulfill the “Technology Connects Health” corporate mission.

According to James Bauly, head of the precision nutrition department of DSM Human Nutrition and Health:

“The monitoring and tracking of health data is the key pillar of the concept of precision nutrition”

What’s The Royal Dutch DSM Group?

The Royal Dutch DSM Group was founded in 1902.

It is a mission-oriented scientific company active in nutrition, health, and green life worldwide and is committed to creating a better life with colorful technology. 

DSM provides innovative services and solutions covering human nutrition, animal nutrition, personal care, fragrance materials, medical equipment, green products and applications, and new mobility and connectivity fields.

At present, DSM has approximately 23,000 employees in more than 100 countries and regions worldwide, with an annual operating income of approximately 10 billion euros.

Personalized medicine becomes the norm

This new collaboration agreement makes it abundantly clear that the next area for growth for wearable players in the coming quarters and years is remote health monitoring.

And precision nutrition sciences and personalized chronic health management will continue to expand into the professional and consumer market.


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