How to setup and customize Health dashboard on your Samsung Galaxy watch

Health Dashboard on Samsung Galaxy Watch

The Samsung Galaxy Watch is an excellent smartwatch that tracks numerous health metrics. Whether you are a casual walker or a trail runner, the Galaxy watch provides excellent features to track your activity and more.

In this short article, we will look at how you can customize Samsung Galaxy Health Dashboard watch face in order to match your needs. This is a nice-looking watch face with clean looks and access to most of the important health information plus it allows you to launch your favorite workout with a single tap directly from the dashboard.

Let’s get going!

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Setting up the Health Dashboard on Samsung Galaxy Watch

If you are just starting out on your new Samsung Galaxy Watch, the first thing to do is to find the health watch face and set it up on your device.

    • Gently press and hold the screen on your Galaxy Watch

      Customize Samsung Galaxy Watch Face
      Scroll left from here to explore the watch faces
    • Next scroll left to start exploring the numerous watch faces
    • Locate Health Dashboard watch face and tap on itHealth Dashboard on Samsung Galaxy Watch

This will turn the Health Dashboard into the main watch face on your Galaxy Watch.

Understanding the key features of Samsung Health Dashboard

Once you have selected the Health Dashboard as your main watch face, it’s time to explore the different elements that are presented to you as default.Key Elements of Samsung Health Dashboard on Galaxy Watch

There are six important elements to the default Health Dashboard. These are:

  • Time, Date, Day and weather information
  • UV levels
  • Heart Rate
  • Calories burned, workout minutes and move goal
  • Tap to Launch a new workout ( You can customize this to your fav workout)
  • Tap to check your Activity stats

The Samsung Health dashboard, therefore, displays all the relevant information at your fingertips.

You can also change the weather information for example, Celsius can be changed to Fahrenheit in weather settings in the watch app. When you set up the dashboard and if it doesn’t show you the steps and other info, hit “workout” and choose allow access to sensors.

Customizing Samsung Health Dashboard on Galaxy Watch

However, here’s the thing. You can customize the dashboard to your preferences.

Customize Health Dashboard
Tap on Customize to get started

Press and hold on the health dashboard watch face and tap on ‘Customize’ when this option shows up.

There are two main screens that allow for customizing your health dashboard:

  • You can change the color, style, and complication of the Health Dashboard by swiping the bezel on the first customize screen.
  • The second screen on the customize option allows you to change the ‘workout’ option on the screen to your favorite workout.

The second screen also allows users to replace the ‘Workout’ complication on the health dashboard with ‘Music’ and provides you with a ‘Play’ control to launch your music.

The color screen provides you three different color options that you can scroll through and choose from.

On the second ‘Workout’ screen, you are able to choose from thirteen different workout types. This allows you to tap on the screen and automatically launch the workout. No need to scroll through different options to quickly launch your workout on your Samsung Galaxy Watch.

Once you have set up your preferences, tap on ‘OK’ to finish customizing the health dashboard.

Using the Galaxy Watch app on your phone to customize 

If you are having challenges in customizing the health dashboard directly on your watch, you can use the Galaxy watch app on your phone and customize the dashboard.Customize health dashboard using phone

Launch the Galaxy Watch app on your phone and tap on the Watch Faces tab at the bottom of the screen and then tap on ‘Customize’ to get started.Health Dashboard on Galaxy watch app

Choose between ‘Premade’ that lets you choose from four different styles for the watch face, or choose color to select different color and style options and finally use ‘Complications at the bottom’ to choose your favorite workout.

Once you have made your selections, you tap on ‘Save’ and you are done.

The Galaxy Watch app offers numerous pre-made widgets that you can use to complement the Health dashboard.Using Samsung Health Widgets on Galaxy Watch

You can select from nine different Samsung Health widgets and arrange them to your liking.

This allows you to scroll from the health dashboard watch face to see other health elements. On my Galaxy Watch, I have set up the widgets for steps, stress levels, daily activity and Sleep.

For users who have moved from other platforms such as Fitbit, you can easily customize your Samsung Galaxy Watch with easy-to-use widgets such as ‘Steps’ to easily see your step counts and related information.

Although there are many third-party apps that you can use on your Samsung Galaxy Watch to provide additional or different information, we wanted to use this short article to focus on the different options that you have available when you unbox and set up your Galaxy watch. You can learn more about Samsung Health Apps from the company’s site.

We hope that you found this short article helpful. Please let us know if you have any questions or if you want to share a tip or two.

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