Huami Technology (Amazfit) wearable study shows positive results for cancer patients

Amazfit band 6

The joint research results of Huami Technology, maker of Amazfit wearables, and Fudan University Affiliated Cancer Hospital were published this week in the journal, “Frontiers in Oncology”.

The study titled  The impact of wearable device-based lifestyle intervention on the body composition of patients with stage I-III breast cancer after surgery” provides glimpses of how wearable based lifestyle can reduce risks.

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The Amazfit oncology study details

huami Amazfit Oncology

The research relies on smart wearable technology and Amazfit health cloud services to provide comprehensive interventions for patients after breast cancer surgery.

The goal is to effectively help patients control weight, improve body composition, and reduce body fat. And thereby improve patient prognosis and reduce the risk of disease recurrence, metastasis, and death.

The improvement in survival rates makes people’s survival of breast cancer patients not only focus on living longer, but also on living better. 

Getting active and reducing weight improves life expectancy and quality of life

Previous studies have shown that overweight, especially obese breast cancer patients, have a higher risk of death. Every 5kg/m2 increase in body mass index (BMI) increases the risk of death by 17%.

This study enrolled postoperative patients with breast cancer stage I-III that the Cancer Hospital of Fudan Universit treated.

A baseline survey of their diet, body composition, and quality of life found that although 65% of patients had a BMI within the normal range, 71.68% of patients had a body fat rate of more than 30%, and 41.59% of patients had lower skeletal muscle mass. 

How the study uses Amazfit wearables

The study conducted comprehensive interventions by allowing subjects to wear smart bracelets (Mi Band 2) equipped with Amazfit’s health cloud services, combined with online and offline synchronized diet and exercise guidance.

Mi band 2, developed by Huami Corporation and based on the Amazfit health cloud data services

It was found that after 3 months of the intervention, the body composition of the subjects had considerable changes: body weight, BMI, fat mass, body fat rate, basal metabolic rate, and visceral fat area all decreased significantly.

The author of the paper, Professor Zheng Ying, director of the Cancer Prevention Department of Fudan University Cancer Hospital, said that with the rapid development of information technology, there is an increased demand for refined management of cancer patients throughout the rehabilitation process. And smart wearable devices, like the Mi Band 2, help personalize plans for patients in surgical recovery.

Lifestyle management is a growing trend in long-term oncology practice & disease management

As more tech companies focus their wearables efforts on new areas of chronic disease management and rehabilitation related processes, we continue to see emerging trends and more customer choices.

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