Mi Band Strap Broken? Here are Our Top Replacements

Both the Mi Band 3 and Mi Band 4 are amazing fitness bands for the money. However, there is no doubt that their included bands could be better. There are tons of people, including us, who are reporting that their Mi Band strap is broken after just a few months of use.


While there are lots of reasons why this can happen, the good news is that most replacement straps are very cheap. And the expensive ones are much better than the included strap. So, without any further ado, let us check some of the best Mi Band straps on Amazon!

1: Silicon Straps for MiBand 3/4: Our Budget Pick

If you are looking for a cheap replacement or several cheap replacements in one package, nothing beats good old silicon. It’s extremely cheap, doesn’t need any “mechanical” adjustments, and it gets the job done.

4Pack Compatible with Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Mi 4 Bracelet, Silicon Sport Replacement Strap Wristband Accessories Colorful Mi Band 3 Accessories
  • ★ Package includes 4pcs silicone rubber replacement straps for Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Smart...
  • Waterproof, Mi band 3 strap Size: fit for 6.2-8.6inch wrist( 16-22cm)

This particular package comes with 4 replacement straps for less than 8 bucks. So, it’s hard to go wrong with it.

Of course, the biggest downside with silicon is its durability. As you’ve probably already realized, breaking a cheap silicon strap isn’t such a hard thing to do. Then again, you are spending less than $2 for each strap. Just be careful not to lose your watch in case the strap completely breaks while doing heavy lifting or anything like that.


  • Cheap
  • No setup necessary
  • Easy to insert and remove the watch


  • Very easy to break

2: Tcasing Mi Band Strap: Best Budget Alternative

If you are willing to spend a bit more for a more durable silicone band, Tcasing’s offering is quite possibly your best bet. It’s still silicone. But it feels a bit thicker than the included Mi Band strap. So, it should be a bit more durable.

Tkasing mi band 4 strap,Soft bands for xiaomi mi band 4 strap/xiaomi mi band 3 strap,Colorful Wristbands Replacement Accessories Straps Bracelets for Mi band 4 strap
  • 【Compatible Models】Replacement Bands for mi band 4 bands and mi band 3 bands. Not for other...
  • 【Premium Silicone Material】: Our mi band 4 straps/mi band 3 straps are Made from flexible...

This is obviously still nowhere near as durable as steel or most metal alloys for that matter. But, it’s lightweight, cheap, and still thicker than the ultra-cheap options out there.

Not to mention that since this is silicone, you don’t need to adjust anything with tools. You just buy it, insert your watch in it, and it’s ready to use.


  • No need to adjust anything
  • Easy to use
  • Good balance between price and durability


  • A bit more expensive than “standard” silicone

3: VANLUCKY Leather Strap: A Blast From the Past

Leather used to be the most popular material for watches. And, in many cases, it still is. It’s durable, looks fancy, and, depending on who you ask, it also feels nice. If that’s what you are after and you are willing to spend a little bit more, this is a great option.

VANLUCKY-Mi Band3/XIAO Mi Band 4 Strap Band Replacement,Leather Bracelet Strap Band for XIAOMI Band 3 Smart Watch Accessories(No Tracker)
  • high quality smart replacement band for XIAOMI MI Band 3/XIAOMi band 4.(No Tracker)
  • Made of high-quality ,environmental and healthy The cowhide and stainless steel material comfortable...

Leather should be much more durable than silicone and it’s not that much more expensive than some of the best silicone bands – although it can be as much as 10x times more expensive than the cheapest ones.

The only downside is that not only it’s a bit heavier than silicon straps, but it can also be itchy for some people. Could be due to allergies or some kind of material/paint that affects only specific people.


  • Fancy
  • Skin contact feels different than silicone (Can be a con if you don’t like it)
  • Relatively durable


  • Cause itching for some people

4: OLLIVAN Stainless Steel (Mesh): Lightweight Yet Durable Mi Band Strap

Metal alloys are a great option for most “normal” watches. So, why not for a smartwatch or a fitness band as well? If you don’t mind adding a bit of heftiness to your Mi Band 3/4, this is a very solid strap. No pun intended.

OLLIVAN for Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Replacement Strap, Stainless Steel Wristband Bracelet Replacement Band Wrist Strap for Mi Band 3 Tracker, Host Remove Easily via Double Elastic Buckle (Buckle Black)
  • 🎁🎁 Metal replacement strap for Xiaomi Mi Band 3 with double elastic buckle on the metal frame,...
  • ⌚ Stainless Steel for Mi band 3 Straps, Soft, Easy to Wear and Remove, Wearing Tightness can be...

Steel is far stronger than both leather and silicone. However, it’s also noticibly heavier. Those of you who got a Mi Band due to how lightweight it is should probably look elsewhere.

Due to the mesh design, it’s not as heavy (and probably also not as strong) as a full-fledged stainless steel strap. So, this is a fine middle line between weight and durability.


  • Good value
  • Good durability
  • Decent balanace between weight and endurance


  • A bit heavier than both leather and silicone

5: OLLIVAN Stainless Steel: Best Heavy Duty Mi Band Strap

If you are all about durability and don’t mind having something that’s heavy and that perhaps leans a bit more towards a manly look, definitely consider getting a full stainless steel strap.

OLLIVAN Bands For Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Wristband Strap, Stainless Steel Metal Replacement Accessories Watch Straps Wristbands Bracelets Adjustable Wrist Straps for Mi Band 4 -No Tracker
  • ⌚ Replacement Band for Xiaomi Mi Band 4/ Xiaomi Mi band 3 --- Perfect fit with replacement...
  • 🎁🎁 Durable Material --- Stainless steel strap, made of high quality 304 stainless steel,...

This is heavier than anything else that we’ve recommended on this list and, for the first month or so, you are definitely going to feel the difference on your hand.

In exchange, though, you get a strap that’s pretty much impossible to break under normal conditions. After all, you can’t cut steel with heavy lifting, big temperature differences, get it softer with water, or anything like that.

The only downside, apart from weight and the slightly higher price tag, is the fact that you need to it adjust it beforehand with the included tool.


  • Most durable strap on this list
  • Gives off a manly/rough/unique vibe (Doesn’t mean that it has to only be used by men)


  • Heavier than our other picks
  • A bit pricey
  • Needs to be adjusted

Best Mi Band Straps: Wrapping Up

Mi band 3 strainles steel strap

These are our top picks for now. Go with whatever fits you best. Each option has its own pros and cons, so, it’s not like one is superior to all the others.

To wrap things up as quickly as possible:

  1. Silicon Straps for MiBand 3/4: The best budget option. These are a bit easy to break but they get the job done and they are ultra lightweight
  2. Tcasing Mi Band Strap: Another silicon option that seems to be a bit tougher than the ultra-budget variants. Great if you want silicon that’s a bit more durable
  3. VANLUCKY Leather Strap: Great if you like leather. It’s more durable than silicon but keep in mind that it’s also a bit heavier and it can cause itchiness for some people
  4. OLLIVAN Stainless Steel (Mesh): Steel mesh is much stronger than both silicone and leather but it’s also a bit heavier and feels different on your hand
  5. OLLIVAN Stainless Steel: The strongest strap that you can get. But it’s also the heaviest and most expensive. Not to mention that it needs to be adjusted before the first use with a mechanical tool


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