Mi Band Strap Broken? Here are our top replacements

The Mi Bands are amazing fitness bands for the money. However, there is no doubt that their included bands could be better. The good news is that, unlike other fitness trackers, you can easily swap a Mi Band with replaceable straps!

There are tons of people, including us, who are reporting that their Mi Band strap is broken after just a few months of use.

While there are lots of reasons why this can happen, the good news is that most replacement straps are very cheap. And the expensive ones are much better than the included strap. 

While the recent Mi Band 6 and 7 offer the most features, many people love their older Mi Band 5, 4, and even 3!  And while the pebble still works, the strap is usually the first point of failure.

Plus, you can even share bands between models, like the 5/6/7 or the 3/4 (but not between the 3/4 and the 5/6/7.) Some of the Mi Bands even work on other branded trackers like Amazfit.

So, without further ado, let us check some of the best Mi Band straps on Amazon!


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How to change your Mi Band strap

You find a wide variety of straps available for the Mi Band with different colors, materials, and designs.

So whether you’re looking for a more stylish strap or just need a replacement for a worn-out one, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Plus, it’s easy to switch between different straps to match your outfit, mood, or whatever!

Changing the strap on a Mi Band is a relatively simple process and takes just a few steps. 

  1. First, remove the Mi Band sensor from the existing strap. You can do this by pressing down on the small metal button on the underside and then sliding it out of the strap.
  2. Next, take your new strap and insert the Mi Band sensor into the corresponding slot on the strap. Make sure that the sensor is securely fastened in place and that it is aligned properly with the strap.
  3. Finally, adjust the strap to fit your wrist. Most Mi Band straps are adjustable, so you can make it tighter or looser as needed. Once you’ve adjusted the strap, you’re ready to start using your Mi Band with its new strap!

With that out of the way, let’s take a look at some of the best replacement bands out there. 

1: Silicon Straps for MiBand: Our Budget Pick

Nothing beats good old silicon if you are looking for a cheap replacement or several cheap replacements in one package. It’s incredibly affordable, doesn’t need any “mechanical” adjustments, and gets the job done.

BANGTING 20 Pieces Strap Replacement Compatible with Xiaomi Mi Band 7/6 / 5 and Amazfit Band 5, Bands for Xiaomi Mi Band 7 Bracelet Wristbands Accessories for Mi Fit 6 Straps (20 Colors)
  • COMPATIBLE MODEL - The BANGTING replaceable straps are perfectly compatible with Xiaomi Mi Band 7 /...
  • SAFE AND COMFORTABLE - For Xiaomi Mi Band 7 / Xiaomi Mi Band 6 / Xiaomi Mi Band 5 / Amazfit Band 5...

This package comes with a bunch of colorful replacement straps for fewer bucks. So, it’s hard to go wrong with it.

Of course, the biggest downside of silicon is its durability.

As you’ve probably already realized, breaking a cheap silicon strap isn’t such a hard thing. Then again, you spend less than a couple of dollars on each strap.

Just be careful not to lose your watch in case the strap completely breaks while doing heavy lifting or anything like that.


  • Cheap
  • No setup necessary
  • Easy to insert and remove the watch


  • Can break

2: Soft Silicone Mi Band Strap: Best Budget Alternative

This offering is possibly your best bet if you are willing to spend a bit extra on a more durable silicone band. It’s still silicone. But it feels a bit thicker than the included Mi Band strap. So, it should be a bit more durable.

RHFGYs 10/11/32 Pieces Watchband for Xiaomi Mi Band 7 6 5 & 7/6/5 NFC for Huami Amazfit band5 Strap Sport watch band Soft Silicone wrist bezel frame For bracelet Miband 7 Case
  • COMPATIBLE MODEL - The RHFGYs replaceable straps are perfectly compatible with Xiaomi Mi Band 7 6 5...
  • SAFE AND COMFORTABLE - For Xiaomi Mi Band 7for Xiaomi Mi Band 7 6 5 & 7/6/5 NFC for Huami Amazfit...

This is still nowhere near as durable as steel or most metal alloys, for that matter. But it’s lightweight, cheap, and still thicker than the ultra-cheap options.

Not to mention that since this is silicone, you don’t need to adjust anything with tools. You buy it, insert your watch, and it’s ready to use.


  • No need to adjust anything
  • Easy to use
  • Good balance between price and durability


  • A bit more expensive than “standard” silicone

3: Leather Straps: A Blast From the Past

Leather used to be the most popular material for watches. And, in many cases, it still is. It’s durable, looks fancy, and, depending on who you ask, it also feels nice.

If that’s what you are after and you are willing to spend a little bit more, this is a great option.

MIJOBS Strap for Xiaomi Mi Band 8 Mi Band 7 6, Mi Band 5, Mi Band 8 Genuine Leather Replacement Strap Watch Wrist Band Smart Bracelet Accessories for Xiaomi Mi 6 5 Fit Band
  • 【Compatible Model】: Special design for Xiaomi Mi Band 6 Mi Band 5 Mi Band 4 and Mi Band 3....
  • 【Stylish Design】: Inspired of classical watch style, this wristband for mi band combines leather...

Leather should be much more durable than silicone, and it’s not much more expensive than some of the best silicone bands – although it can be as much as 10x times more expensive than the cheapest ones.

The only downside is that not only it’s a bit heavier than silicon straps, but it can also be itchy for some people.

It could be due to allergies or some material/paint that affects only specific people.


  • Fancy
  • Skin contact feels different than silicone (which can be a con if you don’t like it)
  • Relatively durable


  • Cause itching for some people

4: Stainless Steel (Mesh): Lightweight Yet Durable Mi Band Strap

Metal alloys are an excellent option for most “normal” watches. So, why not for a smartwatch or a fitness band as well? If you don’t mind adding a bit of weightiness to your Mi Band, this is a substantial strap. No pun intended.

Metal Strap Compatible with Mi Band 6 / Mi Band 5/ Mi Band 4 / Mi Band 3, Smart Watch Wristbands Replacement Accessories (Silver)
  • Unique Design makes perfect stainless steel milanese band fits for Mi Band 6/5/4/3, Not for Amazfit...
  • Strap comes with a tool convenient to adjust the length and effectively prevent falling down

Steel is far stronger than both leather and silicone. However, it’s also noticeably heavier. Due to how lightweight it is, those who got a Mi Band should probably look elsewhere.

The mesh design is not as heavy (probably not as strong) as a full-fledged stainless steel strap. So, this is an excellent middle line between weight and durability.


  • Good value
  • Good durability
  • A decent balance between weight and endurance


  • A bit heavier than both leather and silicone

5: Adjustable Elastic Nylon Straps: Best Breathable Material Mi Band Strap

If you are about breathability and don’t mind having something that perhaps leans a bit more towards a feminine look, consider getting a woven nylon strap.

Adjustable Elastic Nylon Straps Compatible with Xiaomi Mi Band 6/Xiaomi Mi Band 5/Xiaomi Mi Band 4/Xiaomi Mi Band 3, Soft Breathable Sport Replacement Wristband for Women Men (Midnight Blue)
  • Compatible Models: Compatible with Xiaomi Mi Band 6/Mi Band 5/Mi Band 4/Mi Band 3
  • Adjustable Size: The elastic strap fits 5.5in-9.2in(140mm-235mm) wrists, they adjust well to your...

This strap is great for sports–strong, cool, skin-friendly, and sweat-resistant! It should work well with big temperature differences from exercising. 


  • A fashionable and durable strap 
  • No tools required


  • Heavier than our other picks
  • A bit pricey

Why get a Mi Band? Mi Band

The Mi Band is one of the most popular and affordable smart fitness bands out there.

As someone who has been reviewing fitness bands for years, I can tell you that the Mi Band is definitely a product worth considering, especially for those wanting an affordable and basic fitness and health tracker that fits into their budget.

Some of the main features of the Mi Band is its ability to track your fitness and health data.

The Mi Band comes equipped with a heart rate monitor that continuously tracks your heart rate throughout the day, giving you a detailed look at your cardiovascular health.

For tracking activity, the Mi Band has a step counter that records your daily activity, giving you an idea of how much exercise you’re getting each day.

Another great feature of the Mi Band is its sleep-tracking capabilities. The device can monitor your sleep patterns and give you a detailed breakdown of the quality of your sleep, including how much deep sleep and light sleep you’re getting. This is incredibly useful information for anyone looking to improve their sleep habits and get more restful nights.

There have also been a number of studies that have looked at the accuracy of fitness trackers and smartwatches, including the Mi Band. Here are some of the conclusions from that research:

  1. A recent study, Accuracy and Acceptability of Wrist-Wearable Activity-Tracking Devices: Systematic Review of the Literature, compared the accuracy of several popular fitness trackers, including the Mi Band. The study found that the Mi Band was accurate in tracking steps taken but less accurate in tracking heart rate.
  2. Another study, Validation of Self-Quantification Xiaomi Band in a Clinical Sleep Unit, evaluated the accuracy of the Mi Band’s sleep-tracking feature. The study found that the Mi Band was able to correctly record sleep and could be useful to help people understand and manage their own sleep quality and, if necessary, follow up with their doctor or change some of their sleep habits.

The Mi Band also has a feature that reminds you to take breaks and move around if you’ve been sitting for too long. This is a great way to combat the negative effects of sedentary behavior, which has been linked to a number of health problems, including obesity, heart disease, and diabetes.

In addition to these fitness and health features, the Mi Band also has some great smartwatch capabilities. It can display notifications from your smartphone, allowing you to stay connected without having to constantly check your phone. It can also control your music, track your workouts, and even unlock your phone.

Overall, the Mi Band is a great and affordable choice for folks that want to track their health and fitness but don’t want to shell out a lot of cash (like for an Apple Watch, Samsung, Garmin, or Fitbit.)

With its activity tracking, sleep monitoring, and smartwatch capabilities, the Mi Band is a great way to affordably stay on top of your health and fitness goals. And the replacement bands are usually very affordable, too, so you can easily switch and stay within your budget.

If you’re on a budget AND in the market for a new fitness band, I highly recommend giving the Mi Band a try!

Best Mi Band Straps: Wrapping Up

Make sure the strap fits your Mi Band model when looking for a band replacement! 

Many Mi Band versions are available, from earlier ones like the Mi Band 3 to the latest Mi Bands. So check the notes for Compatible Models!

Straps that fit the Xiaomi Mi Band 7 also work on the 6 and 5. And strap for the 4 work on the 3. 

These are our top picks for now. Go with whatever fits you best. Each option has its pros and cons, so it’s not like one is superior to all the others.

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