How to check weekly and monthly averages and totals on Amazon Halo

How to set up and use Amazon Halo Fitness Band

The fact that the Amazon Halo fitness band does not have a display is both a blessing and an annoyance for users. There is no way to check your weekly or monthly metrics without using the Amazon Halo app.

UPDATE: Amazon no longer supports Halo products, including the Halo Band, Halo View, and Halo Rise. Beginning on August 1, 2023, these products and the Amazon Halo app won’t work.

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Some users like the fact that the Amazon Halo band doesn’t have a display

Amazon Halo Fitness tracker

It is more along the lines of Whoop fitness band, where you are not being bombarded by distractions. Whether it is notifications or calls or social media alerts, nothing comes through on to your fitness band. The Amazon Halo band simply serves as a medium to help you stay fit and healthy.

Having said that, the Amazon Halo app user interface is very intuitive, simple, and clearly laid out.

Check Weekly or Monthly totals and averages on Amazon Halo

Here is how you can get your weekly and monthly totals and averages when using Amazon Halo:

  1. Open the Amazon Halo on your mobile device and tap on the first tab at the bottom left of the screen (Metrics or analytics tab).Check weekly and monthly totals on amazon halo
  2. By default, this shows you the activity metrics for the current week and the sleep metrics for the prior night.
  3. Tap on the Sleep score quadrant on this screen
  4. Tap on ‘Last Night’ at the top and choose from ‘W’ for weekly or ‘M’ for monthly to review the metricshow to check weekly and monthly sleep metrics on Amazon Halo
  5. You can use the arrows to switch between months or weeks to see the prior month or next month’s results.check prior week or prior month totals
  6. Most sleep metrics such as average time in bed or time to fall asleep etc provide averages for the week or the month depending upon your choice. Tap on the metric and it shows you the details by each day for the week or by day of the month.Sleep Metric details by day on Amazon halo
  7. Now, navigate to the main screen and tap on Activity (the first quadrant)
  8. Use the selection at the top left of the screen to choose from ‘W’ for weekly or ‘M’ for monthly
  9. You see the metrics in totals and averages for your activity. Tap on any metric here to see details by day.Check weekly Fitness activity report on amazon halo
  10. For example, Tap on ‘Total Steps’ to see total steps by day for the week or by each day for the month.Check Total Steps by day on Amazon Halo
  11. The weekly totals for activity is shown and averages are shown for movement and heart-rate data

How to check Total Calories burned on Amazon Halo

The total calories consumed are not available on the Amazon Halo dashboard at first glance but you can drill into the dashboard to obtain this information.

This is a piece of metric that is often checked by most users, so it is surprising that the Halo Dashboard does not make it prominent.

Total calories as reported by the Amazon Halo app are an estimate of how much energy your body is using each day. Halo uses the basal metabolic rate (BMR) to calculate your total calories.

It calculates this based on your personal information such as age, sex, height, weight, and Heart rate.

  1. Start by tapping on the ‘Activity This week’ quadrant from the first tab.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and locate ‘Total Calories’how to check Total Calories burned on Amazon Halo
  3. On the top change the selection to ‘D’ for seeing the total calories for the day OR
  4. Change the selection to ‘This Week’. This shows you the average calories consumed for the week.
  5. When you tap on ‘Total Calories’ at the bottom of the screen, it then shows you the calories burned by each day for the week in the graph.Check Total Calories burned by each day on Amazon Halo

Wrap up

We hope that you found this step by step guide helpful in learning how to check your weekly and monthly averages and totals for different fitness metrics when using the Amazon Halo Band.

Please let us know if you have any questions or if you like to share a tip or two about the Amazon Halo.

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