New Google Pixel Watch and other wearOS changes announced today

Google Pixel Watch

Google held its annual I/O conference today and provided insights into some of the new features and changes coming to its software platform. In this article, we will review some of the general features that were announced today and call out the specifics around the changes coming to wearOS in the coming months and quarters.

Google announced its new Google Pixel Watch today. This is the first watch designed and built by Google from top to bottom. It is coming this year with new Pixel 7 phone products.

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The Google Pixel watch has a circular design, a tactile crown, beautiful stainless steel and customizable bands that attach easily to the watch.

The new Google Pixel watch will deliver an outstanding experience on your wrist. It features a newly designed wearOS UI/UX that supports smart notifications and more.

The new Google Pixel watch will be integrated with the Fitbit platform when it comes to monitoring health and wellness metrics, meaning Pixel watch users will be able to subscribe to the Fitbit premium health offerings and more.

Here are other changes coming to the WearOS 4 platform:


Google Maps is seeing new innovations. There are now eco-friendly maps that provides users with the most cost-efficient routes. Given the soaring gas prices, this is a very timely add. Users will now be able to take advantage of eco-friendly maps on their wearOS Smartwatches via Google Maps and instantly save dollars.

To get directions on your WearOS watch, you can start navigation on your watch or on your paired phone. The route appears on your phone, and as you go, you get directions for every turn on your watch. Maps currently support navigation for cycling, driving, and walking on Wear 3.0

You can get directions on the go without having your phone. Google Maps will be made available on the new google pixel watch.

New Google Wallet

Google wallet now securely stores your credit card details, stores your driver’s licenses, and vaccination cards or even stores your Disney park tickets. Google Wallet will now be available on the new WearOS in the coming weeks according to announcements made today. This will also be integrated into the new Google Pixel Watch coming this fall.

Emergency SOS coming to WearOS

Pixel Watch emergency SOS feature

Emergency SOS coming to WearOS later this year and will allow users to directly contact emergency services or automatically call emergency services when there is an accident detected.

You can instantly contact a trusted friend or family member or call emergency services from your watch.

Google WearOS

Google is also teaming up with app developers and users can expect new features from app developers such as Spotify, Deezer and Adidas running.

Stay tuned as we keep you updated on the new features coming to the Google Pixel Watch and wearOS 4.

You can learn more about all the new Pixel products announced by Google today from their Pixel Portfolio.

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