New Smartwatch focusses extensively on Fatigue detection

Fatigue Monitoring and forecasting smartwatch

FatigueScience received FCC approval for its new Smartwatch, the ReadiWatch over the weekend. The new Smartwatch from the company focuses extensively on sleep monitoring and fatigue management. 

People often underestimate how vital sleep is for their response time, mental acuity, and physical condition. 

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The use of fatigue monitoring and wearables can help mitigate the potential for injuries and fatalities in a number of different industries and for those who work long hours or night shifts.

Sleep monitoring has been available on all the major smartwatch products for some time now but Fatiguescience takes it to another level by incorporating novel algorithms to detect fatigue.

The company has been successful in pitching its platform to different industries where detection of fatigue is important. These include front-line workers in Oil and Gas operations, mining, heavy industry and transportation, and military.Fatigue Monitoring and forecasting smartwatch

The fatigue detection algorithms  (SAFTE Algorithm) are based on extensive research studies that were conducted at the Walter Reed Hospital.  The algorithms are designed not only to monitor and detect fatigue but can also forecast fatigue with a high degree of accuracy.ReadiWatch Fatigue detection

Predictive analytics provides a real-time, historical, and forecasted view of fatigue across an enterprise’s entire operation. Companies can personalize their operation’s insights by connecting compatible wearables such as Fitbit and Garmin smartwatches on an integrated, secure platform. 

The new ReadiWatch from Fatigue Science boasts a battery life of 10 days and gets fully charged in an hour.

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