Peloton: The best Power Tray Tables for your Indoor Trainer

Fed up of choosing between work and workout? Want to be able to pedal as you read through your emails? It looks like you’re in need of a power tray.

A power tray is a device that attaches onto your Peloton’s handlebars, giving you a flat and easily accessible surface to work on. You can use the trays to read, write or as a handy place to keep drinks and snacks in reach when you’re going for an extended ride in the saddle.

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Here at MyHealthyApple we think power trays are a must for Peloton riders who want to keep riding, but still get stuff done! They’re light, robust and simple to use; so why not combine work and play?

If you’re planning on upgrading from your DIY desk set-up don’t fear. We’ll take you through the top three power trays money can buy. Get ready to mix typing with spinning!

Spintray for Peloton

The Spintray is well-designed, with a large 14 x 19-inch surface area which will comfortably hold your laptop and drink simultaneously. The tray’s clear Plexiglas allows users to easily glance at their stats as they ride, while it’s sturdy and crafted with stability in my mind. Wobble your handlebars all you want your laptop won’t be sliding off.

There is a downside to all that work space however. The tray’s size means the very tallest of riders can often hit the underside of the product with their knees if they’re not too careful.

The Spintray isn’t designed for high energy sprints either, it’s almost impossible to ride out the saddle while it’s attached. But it is ideal for transforming your indoor bike into a temporary, comfortable work station as you complete low-effort rides.

At $59 the tray is no bargain. But, you are getting a product that will revolutionize your work-exercise balance. We think it’s worth the price.

Naisi Wood Organizer Table Panel for Peloton Bike

Like the Spintray the Naisi also has a 14 x 19-inch surface area which easily allows for a laptop, book and cup of coffee. Naisi have designed their tray using stylish wood, but it does mean your resistor is no longer visible.

Plus, rounded edges lessen the potential of severe knee injuries while pedaling for taller riders.

The wood is also incredibly light at just 2.3 pounds. Attachment is very easy, simply slot the tray over your handlebars. Adjusting your indoor trainer’s saddle height is far more complicated!

Because of its lightweight and simple set-up, the tray can easily be removed and stored elsewhere, allowing you to quickly switch to sprint mode and start burning those calories.

A pencil holder slot means you won’t have to stop mid-way through your cycle to retrieve a fallen pen. And, if you order the product from Amazon it’ll come with a free phone holder and cup mat as well.

At $39.99 this is a really good buy. It looks great on your bike and is incredibly sturdy. It’s just a shame you cover your resistor, making it tricky to change settings without being able to see where it is.

The Wise Owl Spinning Smart Tray is all about knee clearance. Their trays sit higher and are padded underneath so on the rare occasion you do come into contact, your knee will only strike soft foam. Wise Owl claims most riders will be able to pedal out of the saddle while still having a full desk.

Behind the handlebars are two cup holders perfect for storing water bottles, energy bars, pens, headphones and more. And its spacious surface at the front safely allows for a laptop, or tablet with plenty of room to spare.

Installation is again incredibly simple. No screws just slide the table over the top of the center support bar, clip it in place and let the tray’s foam contact pads rest against the handlebars.

The design is sleek, matching Peloton’s handlebar color and making the Wise Owl feel like it was part of the indoor trainer’s original design.

At $84.99 it isn’t cheap, but for the very best in Peloton tray tables, the OWL’s hidden cup holders, padded underbelly and sleek design may be worth the additional $30.

Wise Owl also offers a cheaper yet durable spinning tray at $65 that might be worth exploring with two storage cups and stickpad for your iPad or tablet.


If you’re the kind of person who loves to exercise but just doesn’t have the free time, we’d definitely recommend a power tray to go with your Peloton bike.

Have you got any questions about the products we’ve showcased? Did we miss a superior design? Tell us in the comments below!

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