Should you buy the new TicWatch E3?

Mobvoi Ticwatch E3 features and specs

Mobvoi, makers of TicWatch smartwatches just announced their newest product. The TicWatch E3 based on the 4100 Qualcomm wearable chipset is here.

Featuring a round HD 2.5D curved display and advanced health sensors, the E3 becomes the latest model to join the Mobvoi family of products.

This will be the second smartwatch with the 4100 advanced chipset to run wearOS.

Weighing only 32 grams, the TicWatch E3 blends monochromatic simplicity with craftsmanship to provide a stylish and contemporary look. The E3 watch case is made out of polycarbonate and glass fiber. The watch comes with an ultra-flexible silicone rubber strap that is durable and comfortable.

Key TicWatch E3 Features

  1. Continuous heart health tracking 24/7 with alerts for unusual heart rate changes
  2. Heart Rate Zone monitoring showing Anaerobic, Cardio, Fatburn and more activities by time spent in the various zones. You also get alerts when you exceed the target heart rate zone
  3. Blood Oxygen Saturation level monitoring with the ability to monitor 24/7 at regular intervals
  4. Sleep monitoring with detailed metrics for sleep stages
  5. Ability to share your health data with your loved ones
  6. Built-in support for 30-minute high intensity interval training
  7. Support for more than 20+ workout modes
  8. Auto-detection of workouts via Ticmotion proactive motion tracking
  9. Built-in GPS systems so you can workout outdoors without your phone
  10. Music controls (No facility for on-device music storage)

The TicWatch E3 also has built-in NFC capabilities to help you use Google Pay on the watch and comes ready to power all your Google Assistant queries.

In terms of the battery specs, the new Mobvoi smartwatch is powered with a 380mAh battery capacity.

With a waterproof rating of IP 68, the E3 can be used for swimming workouts in your pool. 

The new watch is priced at $199.99 and is available for purchase from the company’s site.

Support for Wear 3.0

The company has not made any comments around the support for the new Wear 3.0, but one would assume that since this is a brand new watch with the latest processor, it will probably support the new Wear 3.0 operating system from Google.

TicWatch E3 vs TicWatch Pro 3 GPS, Which one should you buyTicwatch E3 vs Ticwatch Pro 3

Although both of these smartwatches from Mobvoi feature the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 4100 processor, there are some differences worth pointing out.

Battery capacity is much better on the TicWatch Pro 3

The battery capacity on the E3 is much lower than the TicWatch Pro 3. The TicWatch Pro 3 provides up to 72 hours in smart mode and up to 45 days in Essential mode, powered by 577mAh battery capacity. The E3 with its 380mAh pales in comparison when it comes to battery life.

Better Screen and Resolution on the TicWatch Pro 3

The other important difference between these models is the display. The E3 has a 2.5HD display with 360 x 360 resolution, which is much less than the resolution from the AMOLED display offered by the TicWatch Pro 3. (454 x 454 + FSTN display)

No Differences in Health and wellness features, use the same biosensors

Both of these smartwatches use the same exact health and fitness sensors so there isn’t much difference in the health and wellness monitoring that you can get from these watches. The memory specs are exactly the same with both watches featuring 1 GB RAM and 8GB ROM.

In terms of operation, the new E3 also has the two side buttons much like TicWatch Pro 3, so familiarity has been maintained in this new watch.

The price difference between the watches is about $100. It will be worth noting that Mobvoi just ran a promotional sale during the Memorial day weekend where they were offering the TicWatch Pro 3 for $200 or so. 

Given the better battery specs and the crispier display, my money is on a discounted TicWatch Pro 3.

If you are looking for a brand new wearOS smartwatch, you will not go wrong by picking either one of these beautiful and high-performance smartwatches from Mobvoi.

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