Sibionics introduces Continuous Ketone Monitoring System and a CGM at last week’s EASD

SIBIONICS, a novel biomedical wearable company, introduced two new products at the EASD last week. The European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD) was held last week from October 02 – October 6.

The company presented its’ SiBio KS1 Continuous Ketone Monitoring System (CKM) at the event. The new bio-wearable is a powerful tool for metabolic management, offering continuous real-time monitoring of Ketone levels up to 14 days.

According to the press release sent by Sibionics, What sets KS1 apart is its ability to calculate real-time fat-burning rates based on ketone levels, helping those with weight management goals assess their optimal fat-burning state.

The novel KS1 product will dramatically change how people monitor Ketosis. Instead of using breathe-based Ketone monitors or blood strips, users can use this novel bio-wearable and continuously obtain ketone readings for 14 days.Continous Ketone Monitoring wearable

The KS1 module is designed to be sweat and waterproof and is currently available in the US for only $66.63 on the company’s webpage.

Besides the CKM bio-wearable, Sibionics also introduced its much anticipated continuous Glucose monitoring system at the 59th annual meeting of EASD. 

The company’s GS1 CGM is the world’s second CGM product to adopt second-generation sensor technology, offering calibration-free and scan-free features and 14 days of real-time continuous monitoring. 

The platform promises ease of use, accurate glucose level measurements, and comprehensive connectivity in various scenarios. As of writing, the CGM product is on the verge of obtaining CE certification from the European Union.

The GS1 CGM product has already found a very enthusiastic audience in China. SIBIONICS CGM captured an impressive market share, reaching nearly 20% within its inaugural year of launch in China, making it the leading domestically produced CGM.

The company’s products are a step in the right direction of ‘No more Finger Pricks’. Users who struggle to monitor their Ketone levels manually can now find their Ketosis timings and pursue a more holistic approach to metabolic management.


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