Sport an Oura Ring? Here are 7 apps worth checking out to amplify your experience

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The folks at Oura have been expanding the software features on their Smart Ring to enhance the usability and functionality of the Oura Ring. Most recently, Oura announced that they will be offering a daytime stress monitoring feature that is expected to roll out to users by the end of this week.

Users can also use several third-party apps to enhance their Oura experience.

Here are some of the apps that are worth checking out to amplify your Oura experience:


Endel app for Oura RingA paid generative music app that creates personalized soundscapes for you so that you can relax, unwind, and sleep comfortably. Sound Therapy has been proven to be an important catalyst for increasing HRV and toning Vagus nerves. The idea is not new. Yoga Sutras speak of Naada Yoga or sound yoga. 

Numerous Neuroscience research studies have only cemented the idea that sound therapy can aid you in fuller relaxation. The Endel Pacific app has won numerous awards for their AI-based generative soundscape experiences. 

Beyond creating personalized soundscapes, Ender Users have found that the app helps them manage distractions and stay focused. The app not only facilitates consistent focus but also improves attention span.


This is another must-have app for Oura Ring users. Are you in the process of establishing a new Atomic habit? A powerful third-party app that takes data science to an incredible level.Oura ring Exist app

By finding relationships in your data, the app can help you answer questions like:

  • “What makes me happiest?”
  • “What can I do to be more active?”
  • “When am I most productive?”

The popular third-party app essentially syncs data from your Oura and lots of other places like Twitter, GitHub, the weather, music via, Todoist, Apple Health, Google Fit, Fitbit, etc., and acutely look for correlations and trends in the data you might not discover.

The folks at Exist take data privacy seriously; you can read about it in this detailed blog post.


Looking for more Sleep Analytics data? The Gyroscope app supports a variety of sleep sources. It can get the sleep and heart rate data from your Oura ring directly. Once it syncs, you can open Gyroscope app on your mobile device and see your sleep score and detailed analysis!Oura Ring Gyroscope app

Beyond fetching the sleep and activity data, you can use Gyroscope to enjoy the social workout features of the app. The community / Friends feature allows you to compete with friends and other members in your close-knit community. There’s a leaderboard feature available to keep you motivated and competitive.

Gym-rat? Check out Strong and Strava for Oura users

When it comes to monitoring your gym workouts and strength training, you can check out the Strong app. The intuitive app user interface automatically syncs your data from your Oura ring.Strava app for Oura Ring

When it comes to integrating Movement data and exercise data with a well-established community of like-minded enthusiasts, nothing comes closer to Strava. This is one of the favorite apps for athletes who sport the Oura Ring.

Oura Ring automatically tracks all your movement and shares Oura workouts to your Strava feed so your friends can see your progress. Your Strava activities will automatically sync with Oura so you get credit that counts toward your Oura activity goal and Activity Score.

Natural Cycles

Natural Cycles app is consistently proving to be a leader in monitoring and managing female reproductive-related features. The only FDA-cleared birth control app offers numerous features for Oura Ring users.Natural Cycles for Oura Ring

Wear your Oura Ring to bed, and let it measure while you sleep. You can check your daily fertility status in the Natural Cycles app in the morning. It’s that simple!

Getting started with Natural Cycles app is easy. Once you set up an active subscription, log into your Natural Cycles account and complete the setup using a few simple taps. Beyond that, you wear your Oura Ring to bed and it will seamlessly measure and unlock your daily fertility status.


Headspace and Oura recently announced integrations that were very well received. The announcements coincide with the new stress monitoring features that are coming to the Oura Ring.

Oura’s new partnership with the mindfulness app maker Headspace lets users access stress-relieving content, such as meditations.

Coming later this year, Oura Health plans to add another feature that lets wearers analyze stress levels, offer recommendations for reducing stress, and access select stress-focused content through a new partnership with Headspace.

The new Daytime Stress feature starts rolling out this week. The feature identifies stress triggers by continuously measuring small changes in biometrics such as heart rate, HRV, and temperature by capturing readings every 15 minutes.

Oura Ring New Stress Monitoring Features

The three key features surrounding the new Stress monitoring functionality for Oura Ring include the following:

  • Daytime Stress: Rolling out starting today for ŌURA members, Daytime Stress identifies stress triggers by continuously measuring small changes in biometrics like heart rate, HRV, and temperature. By capturing readings every 15 minutes, members can see which experiences add stress to their day and which ones help them recover.
  • Reflections: Now available in beta for iOS, Reflections is a new, AI-powered journal function in the Oura App. Journaling is an effective tool for reducing stress, and Reflections aims to make this practice even easier. By enabling members to speak and record a short journal entry and use a single gesture to record mood and mental state, the Oura App takes the effort out of journaling, tracking mood, and tagging. Speech recognition transcribes the text, while AI-powered auto-tagging automatically creates context for a member’s ŌURA data.
  • Stress Resilience (rolling out this winter): Building on their foundational health and wellness metrics, Stress Resilience assesses members’ ability to withstand physiological stress by tracking daytime stress load, daytime recovery, and recovery during sleep. Coupled with Daytime Stress, Stress Resilience enables ŌURA members to balance between stress and recovery by providing insights, education, and recommendations to manage stress and improve overall health.

The next time you feel anxious about your speech, let Headspace do its trick!

Oura Ring starts at $299, with all styles and colors are now available at

What are some of your favorite apps to amplify your Oura Ring experience? Sound off using the comments below, and we will make sure to add it to this resource.


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