CART BP – A wearable Ring with continuous blood pressure monitoring capabilities

Smart Ring for Blood pressure monitoring

Regarding wearables and health, most of the inventions and product feature launches over the last five years from established players such as Apple, Samsung, and Garmin have centered on Heart Rate and motion-related metrics. This could change soon. Enter CART-BP, a novel product being made available to hospitals in Korea this month.

What is CART BP?

This novel ring-type cuffless blood pressure monitor enables continuous blood pressure measurement and monitoring 24/7. The wearable ring, which looks like an Oura ring,  also tracks how lifestyle habits, such as sleep and stress management, exercising, drinking, and reactions to taking blood pressure pills, can impact blood pressure levels. 

By doing so, it helps hypertension patients manage their blood pressure levels and contributes to the prevention of cardiovascular disease. SmartRing Health monitoring features

The ring also has access to other smartwatches’ common heart-related monitoring capabilities. The smart ring can monitor actively for Atrial fibrillation.

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With growing evidence pointing to nocturnal, or night-time, blood pressure as indicative of an increasing risk of cardiovascular events, such as stroke or coronary heart disease, accurately measuring nocturnal blood pressure (BP) is an important aspect of hypertension management. 

Current solutions from smartwatch makers such as Samsung do not allow continuous passive BP monitoring. This makes the CART BP ring an attractive alternative for people with hypertension and other heart-related issues.

Sky Labs smart ring, which is capable of round-the-clock blood pressure monitoring, uses photoplethysmography (PPG) signals to measure the bloodstream through a wearer’s finger. 

Latest Updates

The company received an injection of significant investments from Korea Development Bank. The holding company of CART BP, Sky Labs attracted more than 20 billion KRW in investments. 

CART BP has also received approval from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety in Korea.

The company signed a distribution agreement for the Korean market with Daewoong Pharmaceuticals in June.

The company plans to distribute CART BP to hospitals and clinics across Korea starting this month.

According to recent company announcements, Sky Labs aims to sell around KRW 70 billion worth of CART BP in the next three years in Korea alone. 

It plans to expand global market entry of CART BP in line with approval from the US Food and Drug Administration and CE marking in Europe next year.

US and European customers looking for a novel cuffless continuous blood pressure monitoring Ring will hopefully get the device next year once the company has progressed with getting the requisite FDA approvals.

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