Spotify Launches a new HIIT workout service

Spotify HIIT Service

On the heels of other major tech giants such as Apple and Amazon launching their own fitness streaming services, Spotify joined the show!

The new Pumped by Spotify service allows users to create a personalized HIIT (high-intensity interval training) session. This service lets the user customize their high-intensity interval training with the music they love. And the best news? It’s currently free!

If you are an existing Spotify subscriber, you can try out the new HIIT service today. Non-Spotify users can also give it a try without a subscription by using ‘guest’ access.

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Pump your workout with Spotify!

Spotify starts you out by specifying if you are working out indoors, outdoors or even ‘outer space’ (in our dreams!) Spotify pumped by spotify pick a place

Users have the ability to select the exercise intensity on a sliding scale from easy to intense and also choose the duration of the workout from 7 minutes to 21 minutes. Ability settings in Pumped by Spotify

Choose a trainer and your music

This is followed by choosing a coach trainer and specifying your music taste by selecting up to four music genres. Pumped by Spotify music categories

Spotify includes personal fitness trainers from current podcast gurus (these change periodically.)

If if you’re not sure which trainer is right for you, just take a look at their sample and see if that person fits with you! Pumped by Spotify coaches and trainers

This marks a new COVID-19 ‘lockdown’ offering from an established tech player.

The service is currently free and is available by the app as well as their web service

What makes Pumped by Spotify different?

It’s all about HIIT!

HIIT workouts feature bursts of intense aerobic exercise and short periods of rest or lower-intensity exercise in between. These workouts focus on aerobic exercise but may resistance training.

Unlike other fitness tech streaming services that offer fitness trackers and comprehensive exercise support, Spotify is currently more focussed on one specific exercise regimen, HIIT. 

This service offering allows Spotify to showcase its music platform to new users and allows users to take advantage of the free HIIT fitness/music service.

Fitness services and subscriptions reign in 2020+!

We are certain that when Apple launches its exercise streaming program Apple Fitness+ later this year, it’s going to have some of its workout playlists integrated into the exercise programs.

Fitness tech is becoming a popular channel for music streaming service providers to showcase their platform.

How has working out for you changed during these last few months now that gyms are either partially closed or have moved their exercise regimens to outdoor spaces?

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