Use Pavlok’s wearable to beat your bad habits!

Pavlok band

A big part of our life is nothing but habits – and usually bad ones. Spacing out, smoking, eating junk food, oversleeping, picking our nose, biting our nails, etc. Breaking such habits is easier said than done. But it can indeed become easier by using something like Pavlok!

Pavlok is a smart band that can vibrate or even zaps when you do something bad for yourself.

In short, it’s a way of conditioning your brain to hate things that negatively impact your life. Interested in learning more? Then let us get right into it!

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Pavlok: The Shocking Science of Aversion Conditioning Pavlok wearable technical specs

Aversion conditioning or aversion therapy are both words that may sound like alien concepts to many. But you’ve already experienced it in one way or another. There’s no way for an average, healthy person to go through life without some aversion conditioning. 

For example, think of parents that get mad when their kids do something bad, wrong, or dangerous. If that happens enough times, the kids grow up to hate certain behaviors because their brain associates these habits with horrible consequences/punishment.

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That’s exactly what Pavlok brings to the table – aversion conditioning. Every time you do something bad for yourself, there is the option of pressing the button and shocking yourself. 

That could be for anything like smoking, spacing out, getting tempted by sweets and junk food, etc. 

It’s also worth keeping in mind that Pavlok comes with built-in sensors, Bluetooth, and its own app.

And you can take advantage of that to set it up so that it’ll automatically send a jolt every time it detects you are performing a bad habit.

That could be anything such as picking up a cigarette, picking your nose, biting your nails, etc. 

Pavlok wearable to train away bad habits

And if the zap feels a bit too strong for you, there’s always the option of toning it down a bit by using the app. 

The only obvious downside of Pavlok is that it requires quite a bit of willpower from your side. There is always the option of taking it off, and there are numerous cases where you have to zap yourself manually. 

So, if you don’t have the willpower to ‘discipline’ yourself every time you do something and keep the band on, Pavlok kind of becomes useless. 

The Wearable That Snaps You Out Of Autopilot

Check out Pavlok’s video describing the product in detail!

Pavlok 2 VS Pavlok 3 – What’s New? 

Pavlok 3 chimes, vibrates, or zaps you up without disturbing anyone (or any pet) that’s sleeping with you or in the same room! And it’s water resistant with 7 days of battery life and a full charge time of just 1 hour.

Pavlok 3 also helps you break bad habits and be mindful–all from your wrist.

Speaking of the band, the Pavlok 3 comes with: 

  • Better battery life
  • more core functionalities
  • Water resistance (Not the same as waterproofing)
  • 3 programmable physical buttons
  • It can be used with an existing smartwatch or analog watch

Pavlok 3 features

Whether the upgrade is worth it or not is up to you to decide. But if you ask us, we don’t see any reason to go with the older implementations when the new one is improved in basically every single way. 

Pavlok 2 VS Shock Clock 2 – What’s the Difference? 

The Shock Clock 2 is basically a cheaper and more simplified version of the Pavlok 2 that’s almost exclusively used as an alarm clock.

Just like with Pavlok 2, the Shock Clock 2 comes with: 

  • Sleep tracking
  • 6 types of wake-up alarms
  • Beep, Vibe, or ZAP depending on how easily you can get up in the morning
  • Motion detection
  • And an introduction to the habit change course

The Pavlok 2, on the other hand, comes with all of the above while also introducing all the necessary features, courses, and integrations to help you break bad habits. 

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The same company makes both devices. But the thing is that Pavlok only costs about $30 more while offering quite a lot more than the Shock Watch. If it were much cheaper, that would be a valid reason to prefer it over its more pricey sibling.

But at over one hundred dollars? What do you think about it? Feel free to let us know in the comments section. 

FAQ FAQ frequently asked questions

Is Pavlok Dangerous? 

No. The electric shocks of Pavlok are nowhere near strong enough to be considered dangerous. That said, if you suffer from any health conditions, consulting your health expert before buying one may be a good idea. 

What is a Pavlok? 

In a way, Pavlok is a tool for self-disciple, behavioral training, and aversion therapy.

All it does is that it either allows you to shock yourself manually every time you perform a bad habit or, in some cases, it can even detect when you are doing something undesirable and perform a zap automatically. 

If zaps are too extreme for you, there is always the option of using sounds or vibrations. And don’t forget that Pavlok also makes for a good, silent alarm. 

Does The Pavlok Work? 

That depends on who’s asking. If you have the self-discipline to keep the band on your wrist and to keep on pressing the zap button every time you go off-road, there’s no doubt that Pavlok works. 

The problem is that it’s also too easy to take it off or never zap yourself in the first place.

But, then again, are there any better alternatives? It’s not like Pavlok can use a locking mechanism that’s going to zap the user whether he likes it or not. But maybe that’s not such a horrible idea for those who are willing to commit. 

Is Pavlok Waterproof? 

No. Pavlok 2 doesn’t even offer water resistance. The Pavlok 3, on the other hand, is water-resistant – but it still doesn’t offer any waterproofing. A little splash may be fine, but don’t submerge your Pavlok underwater or bathe with it. 

Wrapping Up

That’s about all there is to know about Pavlok.

If there is something that you still don’t understand, feel free to let us and everyone else know about it in the comments section down below!

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