Withings Smart Scale, Smart Watch, Contactless Thermometer and more for 20% OFF

Withings Smart Products available

Withings has announced some great deals for folks who are looking to buy a new SmartScale or a brand new Health & Fitness Watch or a digital temporal thermometer among other things.

Withings has been around for more than 12 years and is well respected and admired in the  Wearables category.


In 2008, a small group of engineers created Withings, launching the world’s first connected scale in 2009. The team quickly discovered being able to regularly access information gave users a new power: manage their weight and take control of their health daily.

Today, Withings has built the largest ecosystem of connected, non-invasive health devices by reinventing everyday objects and endowing them with new medical powers: a scale that measures arterial stiffness, an analog watch that detects cardiac arrhythmias, a blood pressure monitor that detects valvular heart diseases or an under-mattress sleep tracker that detects sleep apnea. 

Although they offer their products at an attractive price point, the company does promote their products from time to time.

Here are the Best 3 deals from Withings you can avail yourself today!

Cardio BodyCardio SmartScale

 If you have been shopping for a new smart scale that can do more than just measure your weight and offer value for money, you should definitely check out the BodyCardio smart scale from Withings. The smart scale connects to your Wi-Fi and automatically syncs your readings with the app.

Withings SmartScale Body CardioThis is one of the few smart scales that can monitor your Standing heart rate and help you with a comprehensive body composition analysis. Put on a few pounds with the Lockdown and launching a new fitness regimen or trying out intermittent fasting?

You need a scale that can keep you on-track to meet your goals. The Cardio Smartscale can calculate your fat mass, muscle mass and keep you informed about your hydration levels.

The companion Health Mate app from Withings is packed with some serious bells and whistles. From Activity tracking to Sleep monitoring it provides you encouragement based on your achievements and guides you through your fitness program. When you use the Body Cardio smart scale, it automatically syncs up the measurements with the app. No need to manually key in your weight or BMI details.

You can pick up the BodyCardio Wi-Fi Smart Scale at 20% off for $119.96

The Company also provides a simpler smart scale called Body+ which is being offered for $79.96. Don’t let the price fool you. The body+ Wi-Fi smart scale does a whole lot more than a simple weight scale including measuring your Body mass index 

Thermo, The No contact Smart thermometer

Withings brings you a fast, simple. no-contact thermometer that provides medical-grade results right on your device. The free companion Thermo app helps you track temperature readings, set reminders and input symptoms and medication details for your record keeping.Withings Smart contactless Thermometer

The Thermo has 16 built-in infrared sensors to accurately measure your body temperature. One of the best features is that the thermometer is contactless. Lights off measurement feature allows a child to sleep while keeping tabs on fever.

The Thermo is family-friendly, in that it allows you to track and store temperature readings and symptom details for up to 8 users.

The Withings Thermo is currently on sale.

Learn More and Order yours today for $89.96 (10% off)

Withings promises free shipping, 30 days no hassle returns and 1-year warranty.

Move Basic Essentials SmartWatch

If you have been shopping for an affordable no-frills activity tracker that has the best battery life (18 months of move with no charging!), is water-resistant up to 50 meters and tracks your Activities, look no further than the Withings Move Basic essentials.Withings Move Smartwatch

The watch features a connected GPS and supports multipart tracking. The free companion app Health Mate does the heavy lifting for you in tracking your activities, calories, swimming metrics and helping you analyze your sleep patterns.Withings Move Smartwatch

The Best part is that you can pick up the Withings Move Smartwatch for only $55.96 after the promo 20% off. 

The ECG (Electrocardiogram with HR measurement) edition of the SmartWatch, Move ECG is also available for 20% off today

Although Withings currently has their other popular smartwatches such as the Steel HR models for sale, we think you may want to consider waiting for the newest Withings Scan Watch rather than pick up the older Steel HR models.

These are some good deals from Withings and they run out by September 7th. Feel free to also check out Withings top of the line FDA Cleared Blood Pressure Monitor as well as their advanced Sleep tracking mat. They are known for these two very popular products for some years now.

So do yourself a favor and pick up your exercise and fitness motivator from the company that is offering your free shipping, 30-day money-back guarantee, and a 1-year product warranty backed by some of the best support crew!


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