14 of the best wearables and services for seniors and elderly folks

We all care about the health and well-being of our family, especially our elderly loved ones. Today’s technology knows this and has made caring for our elders easier than ever while at the same time helping seniors live independently. 

From smartwatches to fall detection services, there are many health and wellness technology options for seniors.  

And what’s great about these options is they aren’t the clunky, old-fashioned medical alerts systems of the past. Instead, they look (and act) like any smartwatch!

Let’s take a look at some of the best wearables and services for seniors and elderly folks currently available. 

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Best Wearable Options for Seniors

UnaliWear’s Kanega watch

kanega watch for seniors
The Kanega Watch is a great and easy-to-use wearable for seniors.

UnaliWear is a company that specializes in smartwatches for the elderly. Their smartwatch is the Kanega Watch. 

The Kanega Watch is a voice-controlled smartwatch with easy-to-use features for seniors, from pill reminders to automatic fall detection services. It also can connect to a live emergency operator.

Plus, the Kanega watch is very easy to read and use due to the large font and display size.

Kanega Watch users never have to take off their watch to charge it, thanks to the watch’s unique and patented quick-swap battery system.

It is also water-resistant for exercising, showering, or washing hands or dishes. However, the company recommends taking it off when swimming, surfing, or other water immersive activities.

And thanks to built-in Wi-Fi and LTE connectivity, the Kanega Watch goes with you and continues to support all its features, at home and outside, without a companion mobile phone

The watch itself is stylish and comes in three colors: champagne gold, rose gold, and black.

Pricing for Kanega Watch

There are currently two pricing plans for the Kanega Watch: the annual plan or the monthly plan.

  • The annual plan has a one-time setup fee of $149 and their ongoing monitoring service for $59.95 a month, which you pay upfront.
  • The monthly plan has a one-time setup fee of $449, and the ongoing monitoring service costs $69.95 a month.
    • If you choose this plan, you pay the one-time setup fee and the first month of the monitoring service upfront. 

CarePredict’s Tempo watch

care predict wearable for seniors
Care Predict’s Tempo Series 3 has many features every senior need in a wearable.

CarePredict is another company that specializes in wearables for the elderly. They also offer subscription services and other resources for seniors. Their senior wearable is the Tempo Series 3. 

The Tempo Series 3 has a variety of functions. It takes note of any small health changes that can lead to risks like falls, malnutrition, depression, and even UTIs. 

It does this by using a pattern identification system, and it also tracks habit changes over time.

This wearable has touch-to-talk, two-way audio, location insights via the context beacon, and intelligent fall detection. It is simple to use and comfortable to wear thanks to the black fabric band.

There’s also the CarePredict TouchPoint app that helps family and friends stay informed about what and how their loved ones are doing.

The app shows insights into a senior’s activity, how they spend their time and sends alerts if something goes wrong such as a fall.

Additionally, CarePredict’s AI and machine learning helps identify patterns based on deviation from the norm to show trends and send caregivers alerts on things like missing meals, restless sleep, increased fall risk, or increased sedentary behaviors. 

Pricing for Care Predict’s Tempo 

  • The Tempo Series 3 is available for purchase in Care Predict’s Home Kit package, which costs $449.99.
  • The Home Kit package includes a black fabric band, two rechargeable batteries, one Duo Battery Charger with power supply, four context beacons, and instructions.
  • Care Predict offers a 45-day money-back guarantee. 

If wanted or needed, you can also add extra wearables and context beacons to your purchase. An additional Tempo Series 3 costs $200, and another context beacon costs $50.

Also, to use the Tempo Series 3 wearable, a subscription is required. The first month of the subscription is free. At the time of writing, Care Predict is offering free subscriptions due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Care Predict is currently offering $50 off the total of the Home Kit package, bringing the price down to $399.99.

CareBand’s wearable

careband wearable for seniors
CareBand’s wearables are great for seniors with dementia.

CareBand is another senior wearable technology company. They specialize in wearables for those who have dementia and tend to wander off. 

This product was designed for the healthcare industry, in particular senior residential living facilities and nursing homes in mind. 

The smart band sends alerts when someone is outside for too long, when near an exit, and when there is a change in activity, such as increased use of a restroom. The band also tracks a senior’s daily activities.

CareBand’s wander management helps caregivers and medical staff locate seniors within a few miles of their home using the CareBand mobile app

CareBand Mobile is for all types of caregivers to check in on people wearing CareBands.

The app connects to the CareBand wearable device and allows professional medical staff and family members to monitor the senior’s location indoors and outdoors. 

There are four different CareBand models to choose from, including the 2, the 3, the 4, and the 5.

  • The CareBand 2 has location tracking and activity monitoring functions. It is the most basic of the models. At the time of writing, it is sold-out.
  • Like the CareBand 2, the CareBand 3 has location tracking and activity monitoring, but it also has a body sensor. The CareBand 3 can charge wirelessly and has a compact design. 
  • The CareBand 4 has the same features as the CareBand 3 but includes a panic button and advanced sensors. 
  • And finally, the CareBand 5 includes all previous model’s features plus outdoor location tracking using the CareBand’s patented Hybrid Location technology or the panic button.

CareBand does not publish the cost of its bands. For pricing information, contact CareBand directly. 

The CareBand Mobile app currently costs a one-time fee of $5.99.

MoviWear’s Nurture watch

moviwear senior wearable
MoviWear’s Nurture Watch is easy to navigate.

MoviWear is another company specializing in wearables for seniors. They’re known for their safety alert pendants, but they also have a wrist wearable called the Nurture Watch.

The company’s watches help seniors and their families, caregivers, and health professionals manage their health while staying independent.

All MoviWear watches offer 24-hour remote monitoring and location tracking, including an SOS button and connect to help in an emergency or if a senior does not respond.

There’s also the NutureWatch app for iOS and Android that pairs with the watch and communicates with family members and caregivers and sends alerts if a senior leaves their home or safe zone or if the watch detects other issues like falls or abrupt movements.

There are two versions of the Nurture Watch available: the Simple and the Advanced. 

  1. The Simple Nurture Watch is easy to use and navigate. It has a SIM card, SOS Button, fall detection, GPS tracking, and 24/7 health monitoring. 
  2. The Advanced Nurture Watch has all the same features that the Simple has plus these additional features: medication reminders, heart rate monitoring, ECG monitoring, and SPO2 monitoring. And it can also connect to HOY devices.

Pricing for MoviWear Nurture Watch

  • It costs $179, but there is an additional monthly charge of $25 for the SIM card.
  • With the SIM card, seniors get unlimited data, incoming calls, and 40 outgoing voice calls per month.
  • The Advanced Nurture Watch costs $229. It also has a $25 monthly charge for the SIM card

Zanthion’s smartwatch and living home package

zanthion smartwatch for seniors
Zanthion’s smartwatch is included in their Smart Living Home Bundle.

Zanthion is another smart-technology company with devices made with seniors in mind. Their Smart Living Home Bundle provides a wide variety of sensors and wearables, perfect for seniors and their caregivers.

Inside the Smart Living Home Bundle, you’ll find:

  • The smartwatch with SOS help button, location tracking, automatic fall detection, and a hands-free auto answer so the user and caregiver or assistance can speak using just the watch’s built-in microphone and speaker.
  • Two smart monitoring tablets and two tablet mounds.
  • A bed exit sensor and a toilet flush sensor.
  • Four motion light strips, four motion sensors, and four-door open/close sensors.
  • A temperature/humidity sensor.
  • Three sim cards.

Zanthion’s smartwatch also offers features functions to check activity level, GPS, heart rate, two-way calls, and wandering notification outside a designated safe zone. It also has an SOS/Help button. 

Pricing of Zanthion’s smart living home

  • The Smart Living Home Bundle has two costs: the hardware itself costs $699.99, but there is also a monthly subscription fee. At the time of writing, the monthly charge price is currently $29.99–down from the standard $149.99.
  • Zanthion subscriptions come with cellular service for voice and data–no additional service required.

Owlytics Healthcare’s smartwatch

owlytics healthcare smartwatch for seniors
The Owlytics Healthcare smartwatch works without a cell phone!

Owlytics Healthcare is another option for seniors in need of a stylish smartwatch. Their smartwatch collects your senior’s vital health information like daily step count, heartbeat, calories, sleep pattern, and more.

This smartwatch has fall detection and prevention, wellness monitoring, personal emergency response, ADL tracking, and remote patient monitoring services.

Caregivers can connect to the Owlytics Healthcare app to monitor their seniors. 

There’s also no need to have a smartphone with this smartwatch, and it comes with a SIM card installed. 

If you are interested in Owlytics Healthcare’s senior smartwatch, you’ll have to contact them directly to schedule a demo. Prices are currently not listed on their website. 

Buddi’s clip and wristband

buddy wearable and pendant for seniors
The Buddi Clip and Wristband is available in a bundle set.

Buddi is a good option for wearables for seniors, especially if you are in the United Kingdom. They specialize in personal alarm services for the elderly.

Buddi wearable features include:

  • Press a button to get help
  • Two-way communication on the device itself
  • Works anywhere, even on the go, and can pinpoint the location
  • Round the clock customer support

They have two options for wearables: the Buddi clip or the Buddi wrist wearable. 

  • If your senior or you don’t have a smartphone, use the Buddi Clip.
    • The Buddi clip works independently and doesn’t require a mobile phone.
  • If you both have a smartphone, use the Buddi wristband.

About the Buddi Clip

The Buddi clip has a built-in panic button and GPS tracking. It also has a speaker and microphone for two-way communication and access to Buddi’s 24/7 customer support team. 

The clip comes in two colors, gray or purple.

Pricing for Buddi Clip senior wearable

  • The device itself costs £149, but there is also a weekly £4.99 service fee charge.
  • The service fee covers the cost of Buddi’s 24/7 customer support service.
  • You can also get a protection plan for your Bidi Clip for £1 a week.

About the Buddi Wristband

The Buddi wrist wearable is a stylish, smart wearable. It comes in three different colors: green, purple, and blue. Plus, it’s water-resistant, so your senior can wear it in the shower.

It has fall detection and push-button alerts. The wrist wearable is compatible with smartphones and connects through Bluetooth.

It even has an app to go with it, called the Buddi Connect app.

Pricing for Buddi Wrist senior wearable 

  • The device itself costs £99 and charges a £1.99 weekly charge for access to the Buddi Connect app that gives you access to 24/7 customer support.
  • You can also get a protection plan for your wrist wearable for £0.50 a week.

If you are outside of the United Kingdom, you’ll also have to invest in their global roaming add-on, which costs £2.50 a week. All of the weekly fees are due monthly.

Theora Care’s Connect Smart Wearable

theora care wearable for seniors
The Theora Care Connect helps keep your older loved ones independent while their caregivers monitor them.

Theora Care is another great company with wearables and services for eldercare. Their wearable is the Theora Connect Smart Wearable, and with its app, the watch supports senior and multiple caregivers, including professionals and family or friends.

The Theora Connect keeps your older loved ones independent while allowing caregivers to monitor their well-being. Plus, the Theora Connect is stylish, lightweight, and easy for your loved one to read and use.

Caregivers and loved ones can download the Theora Link app on their smartphones. You can use this app to keep in contact with your seniors and track them.

This wearable can monitor your senior’s location, status and even track their daily step count. It can also be used for communication, from the SOS button to the Quik Connect answering calls function.

The watch establishes a senior’s safe zone and even multiple safe zones. And with its GPS location feature, the Theora Connect, you know where the senior is and sends notifications via the app should they leave that safe area.

There’s also an automatic-answering audio feature called Quik Connect that allows family and other caregivers with the app to communicate with their seniors via their watch immediately. 

Pricing for Theora Connect smartwatch for seniors

  • It costs $247.97 with an additional one-time activation fee of $39.97. 
  • If your senior tends to remove watches, there’s an optional Theora Locking Clasp for $49.97 that prevents removing the watch.
    • Theora recommends ordering the locking clasp simultaneously as your Theora Connect, so the company installs it.
  • There are also warranty options you can purchase too.

Best Fall Prevention and Detection Services for Seniors

Zibrio’s smart scale

Measure your balance and fall risk with The Zibrio SmartScale
The Zibrio SmartScale measures your senior’s balance and their fall risk.

Zibrio is a smart scale that measures your balance and fall risk. Tracking your balance on the ZIBRIO scale gives you a score from 1-10 and lets you know if your balance is declining or getting better. 

There are two scale models: the standard and the pro.

  • With the standard smart scale from Zibrio, you take a 60-second safe test which gives you a balance score. The scale will light up either in green, yellow, or red to display your risk level.
  • The pro version has all the same features as the standard, and the only difference is that the pro is for professional use. The pro also does not light up after your balance test. 

While you don’t need a mobile phone to use the smart scales, it does have the ZIBRIO Balance Coach App for Android and Apple mobile devices that pairs with your scale and helps you learn more in-depth information about your balance measurement. 

The app helps you understand your balance score (between 1 to 10) and provides tips on how to improve your balance moving forward.

Additionally, the ZIBRIO Balance Coach App saves and tracks your balance scores.

Pricing for Zibrio smart scale 

  • The standard smart scale costs $299, while the pro costs $449.
  • Both of these scales are available for pre-order currently and will ship in July 2021.

Best Buy’s Lively Health and Safety plan for Apple Watch

lively app from best buy for apple watch
Best Buy and Apple Watch team up with Best Buy’s senior-focused app, Lively.

Recently, Best Buy bought a collection of senior-focused emergency-response services called Lively that partners exclusively with the Apple Watch. 

The Lively Health and Safety plan have three priority features: 24/7 customer support, urgent care services, and the GreatCall Link app. 

The GreatCall Link app allows family members and caregivers to access and monitor their senior’s location, activity, the device’s battery life, and other alerts. 

Pricing of Lively Health and Safety plan

  • The Lively Health and Safety plan starts at $19.99 a month and is available for Apple Watch. It works with any Apple Watch model Series 4 and above, which must be purchased separately.
  • When you buy a 2-year Lively plan for $29.99 a month, you also receive up to a $200 discount on a supported Apple Watch. 

Best Fitness Services for Seniors 

Most older adults experience loss in muscle mass after age 50, and 1 out of every 3 adults over 65 falls every year.

That’s why staying active and focusing on workouts that build strength, flexibility, and balance are so important for seniors!

Here are some of our top workout apps and services specifically designed for the senior crowd.


wysefit fitness app for seniors
The Wysefit app is a great fitness app for seniors looking to be active.

Wysefit is a fitness app made with seniors in mind. It has exercise classes and personalized programs for a senior’s overall health and wellness. 

The Wysefit app helps seniors identify, plan, and reach their fitness goals. They can help with losing weight, building healthy habits, preventing back pain, achieving better balance, improving your motion, and building strength and muscle.

There are exercises for all levels, from easy-to-start workouts for beginners and challenging workouts for advanced folks. 

Pricing for the Wysefit app

  • The app is free to download and offers a complimentary class to try out.
  • Access to the entire class library requires a subscription that starts at $4.99. 


bold fitness app workout instructor
The Bold fitness program has a variety of workout classes from their team of coaches.

Bold is another online fitness service for seniors. They offer access to science-backed fitness workouts, exercise classes, and wellness programs that improve seniors’ muscle mass, strength, flexibility, and balance.

Unlike other fitness options for seniors, Bold is not an app. Instead, it’s a website that you can use on any device, from a computer to a phone, as long as it can access the internet.

Bold’s teachers and trainers are experts in aging and fall prevention and design all workouts for older adults to remain active at any age.

When you visit their website, you take a quick quiz called the Bold Tests to see which program is best for you. These short 1-minute tests assess your strength, mobility, and balance and are designed to check your current fitness levels.

After you take the quiz, you get an assessment and a personalized and guided exercise program from one of Bold’s coaches.

All you need to take a Bold class is a computer, tablet, or phone with internet access along with an open area to move in and a sturdy chair with no wheels and no arms! Then, sign up for a Bold membership plan.

Pricing for a Bold membership

Bold offers three plans you can choose from: the basic, the annual, or the monthly. 
  • The Basic membership is free.
    • The basic plan is free to use but quite limited. You get a limited selection of classes and some of the Bold tests too.
  • An annual Premium plan costs $15/month (billed annually at $180)
    • With the annual plan, you get personalized programs, support from Bold’s expert coaches, and unlimited access to all of Bold’s classes and tests.
    • The annual plan also comes with a 2-week free trial.
  • A monthly Bold Premium subscription costs $25/month
    • The monthly plan has all the same perks and features as the annual plan. The only difference is that it costs $25 a month.


spiro100 workout class for seniors
Spiro100 offers many online exercise and wellness classes for seniors.

The Spiro100 program for seniors is a fitness website with a companion mobile app with exercise videos and wellness programs designed for seniors with the mantra that staying home doesn’t have to mean staying inactive! 

You can also watch Spiro100 programs on various brands and devices, including Roku, Apple, Android, Android Fire, Chromecast, and via the website on a computer or any device with browser support.

Seniors can stream fitness and meditation classes. Spiro100 has different difficulty levels. Spiro100’s library of health and wellness classes is easy to use and always available.

There are three different plans and cost structures to choose from SpiroGo, SpiroPro, and SpiroPlus.

Pricing of Spiro100

  • SpiroGo costs $39.99 a month, and it is a good choice for individual seniors, families on a budget, or a small group of seniors who live in a community. And there is no set-up fee.
    • This plan includes 18 different classes. 
    • And you can also share a SpiroGo membership. You can also have 3 group classes running on a single account, which makes this great for larger senior communities.
  • SpiroPro is the most popular package designed for senior living residences, adult and senior daycare and memory care centers, or home health agencies. The price varies. Plus, there is a one-time set-up fee of $89.
    • If you pay annually, your monthly costs average $89.99 a month.
    • If you prefer to pay monthly, then it costs $99.99 a month.
    • With SpiroPro, you have access to 100 different classes, and that includes their popular exercise Bingo100. New programs are added monthly.
  • SpiroPlus has everything SpiroPro has and more. Prices for SpiroPlus also vary. There is also a setup fee of $499.
    • If you pay annually, the costs average out to $169.99 a month. But if you choose to pay monthly, it costs $199.99 a month. 
    • It includes the fall prevention academy, where seniors can take a series of exercise classes based on their ability. 
    • You also have access to fully curated programs for every level and 60-minute one-on-one onboarding with a step-by-step manual.

Final Thoughts

All of the companies we mention are busy innovating new solutions for helping seniors maintain their independence, stay safe, healthy, and connected to family, friends, and assistance when needed. 

From simple activity monitoring to fall detection and SOS features, these wearables and additional services offer your senior loved ones and your family peace of mind.

The Nurture Watch from MoviWear is a great affordable option. The Zibrio smart scale is a great choice for preventing and combating the risk of falling. And Wysefit is a great app for seniors who want to stay active and fit!

If you know of any other wearables or smart-tech services made with seniors in mind, let us know in the comments. 


  1. A new tech startup Nectarine Health is offering free product trials in the US and they pay you to test their fall alarm for seniors!


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