Nutrix, makers of gSense noninvasive glucose monitor joins Plug and Play Health

gSense noninvasive glucose monitor

Nutrix, the startup behind the pioneering noninvasive blood glucose monitor (gSense), has announced that it has been selected to join Plug and Play Health in Silicon Valley.

Nutrix is one of the few health care startups that have been invited to join the Plug and Play Health program.

The program has selected 15 startups across detection, diagnostics, clinical trials, AI, telemedicine & remote patient monitoring, femtech, brain health, wellness, and nutrition focus areas to be a part of our Spring 2021 program. 

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gSense Noninvasive Glucose monitor

The gSense noninvasive blood glucose monitor is expected to detect very low glucose concentrations in saliva and send the glucose data remotely to a mobile app, allowing users to keep track of their blood glucose readings.

Nutrix is using the capacities of nanotechnology to detect different molecules and track changes in saliva. Their first application will be the gSense glucose monitoring, and in the future can be implemented to detect hormones and other biomarkers in saliva.

Saliva reflects the information that is present in the blood but is much easier, quicker, and pain-free to harvest. Most substances contained in the blood can be detected in saliva, according to researchers at Nutrix.

Multiple research studies are showing a strong positive correlation between glucose in saliva and blood. All this makes it possible to use saliva for monitoring glucose.

However, information extraction presents its challenges, as glucose in the saliva is much more diluted than in blood. It would require more sensitive measuring techniques than traditional blood glucose meters. 

This is where Nutrix’s technology comes into play, combining the most advanced nanosensors with cutting-edge AI algorithms – delivering accurate measurements at scale.

Current Status of Nutrix gSense development

The company is still developing the noninvasive glucose monitor and has not received any regulatory approvals in any jurisdiction.

We reached out to Nutrix to learn more about the development status but haven’t received an update.

You can learn more about the startups invited to join the program by checking out Plug and Play coverage. 

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