AI Powered Wearable study shown to improve quality of life outcomes for older adults


There are more than 46 million adults age 65 and older living in the US. About 2 million of the older population live in nursing homes or assisted living facilities.

Older adults living in assisted nursing facilities have many health challenges, from managing chronic diseases to fall detection and many other issues that impact motor-related skills.

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A new wearable is exploring ways to improve the quality of life of our older adults. In a recent study published at JMIR, it was noted that

CarePredict installed communities (+CP) exhibited a 40% lower hospitalization rate, 64% lower fall rate, and 67% greater length of stay than control communities (-CP). The +CP communities exhibit a 40% improvement in staff take alert time and 37% faster reach resident time.

CarePredict system is an AI-based smart wearable system for seniors that can aid caretakers and family members in numerous ways.

The system uses AI to learn and follow your aged loved ones’ daily habits, so you can rest assured that your loved ones are safe.

CarePredict tracks eating, walking, activity level, sleep duration and quality, bathing, and more.

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The CarePredict Tempo™ Series 3 notices the small changes that can precede serious risks like falls, malnutrition, depression, and UTIs – enabling early attention days before something happens. wearables for elderly

The wearable always stays on, and it is easy to swap out batteries. Users don’t need to take it off to recharge. This is where it differs from other consumer wearables. Some elders are known to forget things. They remove the Fitbit or Apple Watch and forget about putting it back on. With CarePredict, you don’t have to worry about it. It always stays on and monitored.

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The wearable has an easy button for touch-to-talk so that can get help. It also has built-in two-way audio for communications. No more trying to locate smartphones during emergencies.

The company is currently offering a promotion of 50% off for users who are looking to buy one of these wearables. The wearable is priced at $399, and you can explore the features in detail at their website or speak with one of their customer reps directly to learn more.


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