29K app review: how to get support without breaking the bank

app review of 29K

You are not alone, and we are in this together! That’s the mantra of the personal development and support app 29k.

What makes the app 29k unique among apps for self-help, meditation, and personal growth is that it creates a community of sharing with others to improve your emotional wellbeing. 

And all of this is always free and accessible to everyone!

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The 29k app helps people, regardless of income, find emotional support in an increasingly stressful society. 29k app Discover tab

Living in an increasingly complex and demanding society creates stress, anxiety, loneliness, and feelings of being ‘disconnected.’

The creators of 29k hope that by transforming how people view themselves, an inner psychological shift changes how people view themselves and their relationships with others and their world. 

They believe individual growth can tackle global problems by creating a permanent positive change in human behavior, encouraging people to live and act sustainably, creating a better-shared future.

Take small and substantial steps in your personal and emotional development

29k is a self-help app that combines technology and psychology to grow as a person with other app users’ help. iPhone 29k app on Home Screen

The app has a unique and powerful process of allowing you to share with other people to improve your emotional well-being and achieve lasting change. 

Best of all, since it is free, it removes the financial barriers that prevent many people from accessing mental health support.

Plus, for anyone currently in therapy or part of a support group, 29k is a great way to continue your development on your own, in the comfort of your home, at times of your choosing!

What are 29k’s app features?

  • Easy to navigate the app with tabs for sharing, discovering content, updating your profile and privacy settings, and a home tab.
  • Research-based personal growth courses on topics like values, stress, self-esteem, relationships, anxiety, finding meaning, personal growth, and more.
  • Support for teens 15+ and all adult age groups.
  • Videos, audio clips, and meditation led by a narrator or speaker. 
  • Exercises to calm your inner voice and reflect, including breathing, meditation, and movement.
  • Social features where you can share thoughts and listen to others in a group.
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) based content.
  • The App is compatible with Android and iOS (Apple mobile devices.)

Overall, 29k is a beautifully designed yet simple app that’s easy to use. 

How does 29k work?

The way 29k works is different than most self-help apps. Many apps in personal development, self-help, and meditation require you to do your own development work on your own, in isolation. 

Working alone in self-development areas is much more difficult than when it is done with other people. 

29k tackles this issue by letting you share your thoughts and feelings with other people while listening to theirs as well. share your feelings and listen to others with the 29k app

The interaction with other app users takes place within the app via chat and video.

You can join a group, although you don’t have to, and you can still complete various exercises and meditation practices alone.

Start using the 29k app.sign up and start using the 29k app

You start by answering a few questions about yourself–such as how old you are, and then tap Let’s Go to begin your journey with 29k.

The app starts with an exercise on gratefulness, where you can choose to share something that you are grateful for at that moment.

Like all of the exercises, participation is optional. You can try sharing or skip it–you decide.

Plus, anything you share is anonymous. 

Informed consent matters! consent to use the 29k app

One of the first steps you take with 29k is giving your informed consent to participate and voluntarily share your data with the app.

There’s an additional consent to share your data to improve the app as well.

Check out the app’s privacy notice by tapping Tell me more to learn your rights and how your data and personal information is used, stored, and tracked. It makes for a pretty interesting read!

Finally, sign up and start using the app! 29k app sign up and get started

Set a username, assign an email address, and create a password. Only your username is visible to others.

If desired, add a picture or avatar to your account.

Once done, tap Get Started and you’re ready to use the app!

Let’s discover what the 29k app offers.show 29k app features including courses, meditations, and exercises

The app opens on your home screen. From there, you choose tabs to discover content like courses, exercises, and meditations and share your thoughts in groups with others.

29k app courses 

For course selection, 29k offers a choice of ‘multi-week courses that have weekly lessons.

You can choose from different programs, from 3 weeks to 7 weeks, on various topics such as self-compassion, values, resilience, stress, and coping with anxiety.

To learn about a course, tap on a specific course, choose the About tab and select Read more. course description in 29k app

Or review the lesson outline by tapping the Lessons tab.

Courses are active sessions, not passive, so you need to prepare to do personal reflection, writing, and note-taking. You’ll also need some undisturbed time to focus on the course material. course lesson requirements for 29k app

Each course also offers an optional sharing component to its weekly lesson, with group support through text chat.

To join a sharing group, you must sign up for the course, not just try a selection.

Unsure about a 29k course?

If you are not sure you want to join a course, tap on it, scroll down, and choose to Try it first. Test out a course lesson before enrolling in the 29k app

When you Try a course, you are not enrolled. It’s like a sneak peek at what the course is about. 

After trying it, you can sign up to take the entire course if you like the course after trying it. And if the course isn’t for you, find another that is!

29K groups

If you choose to join a group, you start by introducing yourself to the group. From there, you can join in group discussions and engage with others studying the same content.

Groups encourage members to practice the lessons with each other. Group shares are never recorded, so what you say or text stays between you and the participants!

And remember, you can always protect your identity when sharing if you are uncomfortable with showing or naming yourself.

After 7 days of working on a course, you can choose to join a live weekly video session with your group. 

29k meditations 

If you only have a few minutes, 29k meditations are a great way to be present and mindful of what you feel right now and then de-stress through your breath. 29k app meditation sample

Meditations start at just a few minutes and run to under a half-hour.

Who is 29k for?

In short, everyone!

Anyone who wants to engage in an innovative and meaningful process to create transformative changes in their life.

If you want any of the following, this app is for you!

  • Develop confidence and get rid of negative self-talk and other destructive behaviors
  • Improve your relationships with family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers
  • Feel less lonely and more connected to others and your community or society
  • Increase your awareness of your emotions and treat yourself with compassion
  • Cope with life changes, manage your stress and anxiety levels, and enjoy better peace of mind
  • Gain a greater self-awareness, get to know yourself better, and learn to love yourself

About the 29k organization philosophy of 29k app

29k is a non-profit organization with a mission to help everyone be understood and gain a sense of community by making personal growth available and free for everyone.

Its app provides users tools and processes for psychological development accessible to everyone, including note-taking, questionnaires, in-depth videos, guided meditations, and more!

29k has two kinds of contributors: psychology professionals and app users.

  • Psychology Professionals contribute with proven processes and exercises, which are available free in the App.
  • As App users complete the created sessions and courses in the App, their stories and psychometric data, in turn, helps the researchers to improve their tools.

Who created 29k? personal growth ecosystem for 29k app

Based in Stockholm, Sweden, 29k is a non-profit organization founded by the Norrsken and Ekskäret Foundations. 

“On average, we have 29 000 days to live on planet earth. Our purpose is to support as many people as possible to make their days count.”

The App was developed with over 50 psychologists and researchers from Harvard University, the University of London, and the Karolinska Institute.

29k recently partnered with the Swedish government to enable 29k to be used as a tool for organizations to build leadership skills and resistance to stress.

Final thoughts

We think 29k is a welcome self-development tool that helps you tackle issues and grow over time.

Since it is free for all, the app helps reach people and communities that cannot afford counseling or life coaches. 

If you’re willing to put in the work, the app helps you gain a deeper understanding of yourself. Plus, the sharing and group features connect you with others and provide a comforting and understanding supportive community.   

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