Fitbit teams up with NASA offering health and safety services to astronauts and employees

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Fitbit health solutions team announced today that they would be providing their ‘Ready to Work’ solution to support the health and safety of astronauts and other employees at NASA.

This pilot program is designed to help employees make more informed decisions about going to the worksite.

The program will be available to more than a thousand NASA employees performing mission-critical work at six locations across the United States, including 150 astronauts and NASA employees critical to future space missions.


The Fitbit Ready for Work Daily Check-In feature allows users to view key health metrics (resting heart rate, heart rate variability, and breathing rate) tracked by their Fitbit device alongside self-reported symptoms, temperature logging, and COVID-19 exposure.

Based on a user’s daily check-in, the solution will provide NASA employees with daily guidance to decide whether to go to work or stay home.

The in-app Daily Check-In feature allows users to log their symptoms and temperature, track critical health metrics, and receive summarized COVID-19 guidance based on CDC guidelines.

The Fitbit pilot program’s goal is to help NASA and its employees prevent the spread of COVID-19 while also supporting the overall health and well-being of NASA employees.

Employees participating in this program will also get free one year access to Fitbit premium and Fitbit one-on-one health coaching program.

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NASA will evaluate the pilot program and consider expanding to a larger employee population based on the impact the program has on preventing the spread of COVID-19 and supporting the health and wellness of NASA employees.

Fitbit also announced today that it is collaborating with Diabetes UK via a three-year partnership.

The new initiative is designed to educate Brits on the importance of understanding their own health and how leading a healthier and more active lifestyle can play a critical role in preventing type 2 diabetes and managing all types of diabetes.

Nicola Maxwell, Director of Fitbit Health Solutions in EMEA, said, “The current pandemic has shown us that understanding your health, and adopting healthy lifestyle changes, is more important than ever. Fitbit helps people to identify and track changes in their individual well-being and then manage their health more effectively. For example, new metrics like oxygen saturation (SpO2) trends can help provide a good understanding of your overall health and fitness. “

These are two laudable wins for Fitbit this week, and it shows how the company is gaining momentum in the corporate health and wellness category.

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