The 5 Best Apple TV Apps for Healthy Living

The 5 Best Apple TV Apps for Healthy Living

Apple TV has unlocked news, business, sports, and game content for millions of users around the world.

But more than just a source of enjoyable entertainment, your Apple TV offers TV apps for healthy living, so you can use your Apple TV as a tool to build a healthy lifestyle and get in shape.

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Check out our top Apple TV apps for healthy living 

Some of the most popular Apple TV apps are those that offer customizable workouts, advice for clean eating, and even mindful yoga routines.

These apps aren’t free – some of them call for hefty in-app purchases – but they offer a valuable alternative to an expensive gym membership or Blue Apron-Esque cooking recipes.

Best of all, you can use Apple TV apps to start living a healthier life right in front of your TV. Let’s get started!

Beachbody On Demand

Workout guru Shaun T has grown famous based on his intensely popular Insanity and P90X exercise routines, something that even prominent House Speaker Paul Ryan has taken up in his spare time. Now Shaun T’s Beachbody is available on Apple TV through this app, which is also interoperable with iPhones and iPads.

This app gives you access to all of the Beachbody workout videos, and you can choose which routine you want to perform.

Best of all, most of these routines require little in the way of equipment – meaning you can do them right in front of your TV! You also get access to some of the eating and exercise tips provided by Shaun T and his team.

The costs are relatively straightforward: after a one-month free trial, you pay $19.99 a month for access to all the workouts.

Alo Moves (formerly Cody)

Taking a different tack than Beachbody on Demand, Cody encourages Apple TV users to pick one exercise plan and stay with it until they are done.

That may give you less flexibility, but it can instill discipline and let you see the full range of benefits that come from a professionally-curated exercise routine.

Cody’s videos are very high-quality, and unlike some of the other Apple TV health apps, the interface is simple, sleek, and easy to use.

While these are clear advantages, one disadvantage is opaque pricing. Instead of paying a per-month fee, Cody users must buy the entire workout plan.

Each is priced differently, and some cost a pretty penny. However, if you want high-quality workout videos – as well as inspirational videos that encourage “mindfulness” – the $40 or more that some Cody workout sets cost can be worth it.


When it comes to a healthy living app on Apple TV, Grokker is the complete package. This unique combination includes both inspiring yoga videos, high-intensity interval workouts, and cooking classes. The workout videos are particularly high-quality.

They feature instructors who are well-informed about fitness principles and trends while also being inspiring and encouraging.

The yoga classes offered in the app rival the kind you might shell out big bucks for at a fitness store. And the cooking videos are in-depth explanations of delicious meals that embody the principles of clean living.

Grokker’s pricing model is straightforward: it’s a flat fee for a monthly subscription to the entire library of thousands of videos.

While paying that monthly fee may seem expensive at first, it’s probably smart to consider that this product replaces costly yoga classes, astronomically high personal training sessions, and even cookbooks!

Kitchen Stories

Kitchen Stories is an Apple TV app that brings recipe books to life in the comfort of your home. While not every recipe is healthy, the site contains many recipes that are specifically geared to customers who are looking for clean eating.

In addition to healthy recipes, the app includes very informative videos that will teach you the basics of cooking sophisticated dishes and all of their components.

Nutritionists frequently say that the best way for an individual to live a more healthy lifestyle is to learn how to cook for themselves.

Kitchen Stories lets you take that advice to heart and teaches you how to cook simple or complicated dishes, assess their impact on your health, and bring them to life in your kitchen!


While it does not quite match the sophistication of some other Apple TV apps that carefully explain workouts, Zova is an affordable option for watching workouts on your television. Zova features a mix of free and premium content.

With a pricing model similar to Spotify, you can pay for the premium content with an $8 monthly fee.

That price is much less than comparable apps. However, you do get what you pay for with this app. Unlike Beachbody or Cody, Zova workouts are short and do not feature instruction.

Instead, you just watch a fitness model perform the workout while commands appear on the screen. In that sense, the app is more about giving you a template for a workout rather than coaching you to complete it.

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