6 best gadgets and fitness gear to complement your strength training

The last few years have brought many changes to how we exercise and stay fit. People who used to strength training at their local gyms have now transitioned into home-based gyms and are trying to make the most out of their dumbells and basic weight benches.

In this article, we explore smart gadgets and Fitness gear that will help you ace your at-home strength training.

We explore easy-to-use and affordable options that will complement your strength training routine without needing too much space in your household.

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What are Smart Gadgets and Fitness Gear for Strength Training? 

Smart gadgets and fitness gear for strength training are generic tools that complement your at-home training programs. They can be anything from a punching bag with brains to a water bottle that reminds you to stay hydrated or even speakers with some bells and whistles.

And if that sounds strange to you, you’ll understand why we’re including such a vast range of products as you read through this article.

And with that out of the way, let us check them out!

1. Activbody Activ5: Train Most of your Body with a Single Tool Activbody Activ5

The Activbody Activ5 is a great tool for training your whole body – when used properly.

The concept is simple. We are talking about a device that’s kind of shaped like a platter with pressure sensors that you can use for a range of isometric exercises.

You use this device to perform all sorts of exercises that train various parts of the body. Full-body, arms, chest, abs, legs, etc. 

The handy app offers more than 100 exercises, games, and challenges to choose from.

The Bluetooth connectivity plus the pressure sensors in Activ5 help determine whether you are doing an exercise correctly. 

Not to mention that apart from training, this is also a nice tool to see just how much progress you have made over a period of time. This is also a good exercise tool if you are trying to recover from injuries using isometric training, as it keeps weak joints stable while strengthening your muscles.

Speaking of training, it’s worth keeping in mind that Activ5’s exercises are not standard. Instead, you have to calibrate it with your own strength so that it will be able to adapt to your body and push you just enough to the point where your muscle strength is going to be improving. 

A big plus is that you almost never have to worry about battery life. All you have to do is insert a standard AAA battery, and that should get you through at least a few months upwards of a year. And once it runs out, you just replace it with another standard AAA battery. 

Best Gadgets and Fitness Gear for Strength Training

The compact size of the device makes it an easy fitness tool that you can use while even watching your TV. The little device complements your strength training workout by helping you focus on smaller muscles as well as core muscles using Isometric training. 

2. Smart Jump Rope: Analyze your Performance

This is obviously a more straightforward and easy tool to use. Because a jump rope, smart or not, is still a jump rope. Looking to get your heart rate up between chest presses or squats, add in a set of jump rope exercises.

SmartRope Rookie Donut (Black)
  • Cordless Smart Jump Rope

As the name suggests, you can use this jump rope not just to perform any regular exercises that you would normally do with a jump rope.

But also for analyzing them!

And as with most smart products, all you have to do is connect it to your Android, iOS, or Apple Watch device and then install the app. 

It’s not just about tracking how many jumps you do and the duration of your workout. It’s also about tracking calories, daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly charts, and getting a better understanding of how you truly work out and improve over time. 

Last, but not least, one more thing we love about it is that you can set a duration for jumping, like 30 seconds, and it’ll automatically vibrate when that time is up. That’s a great way to focus on pushing yourself instead of worrying about counting. 

So, in many ways, it’s a great tool for motivating yourself to do better and to work out more frequently with more intensity. 

Above the handle, you’ll find a small display that can be used to take glances at your progress without waiting for the app to sync. And it also displays battery life, connectivity, and duration of exercise. 

Speaking of battery life, this jump rope can last for about 30 days on standby after 2 hours of charging. 

3. Hidrate Smart Water Bottle: Keep Yourself Hydrated

Hydration is no doubt a very important part of staying physically and mentally healthy. When you are strength training, it becomes even more important to keep yourself well hydrated so that it can complement your protein intake. Unfortunately, it’s easy to forget how often you need to drink water when things get intense. Or how often we need to drink water, in general. 

Smart water bottles are aiming to fix exactly that problem by introducing two core features: 

  1. Tracking the overall consumption of water on a daily basis
  2. Reminding you to drink frequently
Hidrate Spark PRO Smart Water Bottle – Insulated Stainless Steel – Tracks Water Intake with Bluetooth, LED Glow Reminder When You Need to Drink – Straw Lid, 32oz, Black
  • The World’s Smartest Water Bottle: The LED smart sensor puck glows to remind you when it’s time...
  • BPA-Free, Vacuum-Insulated Stainless Steel: Keeps drinks cold up to 24 hours and prevents sweating,...

This is possible thanks to built-in sensors that can tell how much water you are drinking, Bluetooth for connecting to the app, and LEDs that automatically glow when it’s time to drink again. 

Of course, the only downside to having a smart water bottle instead of a regular one is that you’ll have to recharge the battery every now and then. That’s because things like Bluetooth and sensors need the power to work. 

One thing to keep in mind is that you also shouldn’t be using any hot liquids as that may end up damaging the electronics. Cold ones should be fine, though. 

Some smart water bottles are specifically made to handle hot liquids – but this specific one is not. 

Last, but not least, don’t forget that every decent water bottle is going to be just as good for your health as a decent non-smart bottle. Any bottle worth its salt is using either BPA-free plastic, glass, or non-corrosive metals. 

4. Move It Smart Punching Gloves: Best Fitness Gear for Strength and Reflex Training

When it comes to improving your strength and reflexes, nothing beats a good old-fashioned punch – no pun intended. 

Except these punching gloves are not old-fashioned at all. These gloves have a smart 6-axis motion sensor that fits into the glove and tracks your every move.

Move It Smart Boxing Gloves 12oz for Men and Women, Bluetooth Phone App Connection, Punching Data Tracking with Training Courses, Auto Picture and Video Capture of Your Coolest Moment
  • There are various advantages that this pair of boxing glove brings to you: real-time progress...
  • The gloves can track your every punch even in shadow boxing workouts with built-in 6-axis gyro...

The main way that this differs compared to a standard glove set is performance tracking, the option of playing games with it, and also compare your scores against others. 

The companion Move It Swift app shows your punching data in real-time, including data like count, force, speed, and active calories.

Another interesting thing is that the algorithm learns your punching style. So, the more you use it, the more precise the data. And that’s what makes it ideal for most people across different ranges of age and muscle mass. 

The app keeps an eye on performance and statistics, but it also delivers various games to play with the actual punching gloves, along with video training programs for all types of users, from beginners to advanced.

Learn how to properly do single punches (Jab, Hook, Uppercut,etc.) and other combo punches. 

5. Portzon Weight Lifting Gloves: How not to Get Calluses 101

Any kind of intense exercise using your hands comes with some pain and, ultimately, calluses. And if you don’t want calluses and pain, you either use gloves or you don’t work out at all. 

Portzon Set of 2 Neoprene Dumbbell Hand Weights, Anti-Slip, Anti-roll, Hex Shape ,8LB
  • Attractive Muscles–Perfect for use in any exercise or program to tone and sculpt your arms,...
  • Non Slip-Grip Design–Premium material coating make it gentle and grippe on hands and provides...

That’s really all there is to it. There is nothing smart or technologically advanced about these gloves.

It’s simply a good, old-fashioned solution to prevent unwanted pain and keep your hands free from calluses. 

6. OontZ Angle 3: Hype Yourself Up

A big part of working out is not just working out. It’s also getting the motivation to get started and to keep going.  

And what better way to hype yourself up and keep going than listening to music through a good pair of speakers? 

OontZ Ultra Bluetooth Speaker, Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, 14 Watts, up to 100 ft Bluetooth Range, IPX7 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker (Black)
  • OUTDOOR BLUETOOTH SPEAKER - Designed and Engineered in the USA, the OontZ Ultra with its unique...
  • EXPERIENCE YOUR MUSIC LIKE NEVER BEFORE - With its powerful 14 watt Volume Booster AMP, this OontZ...

One of the things we love about this speaker is that it’s stereo, portable, loud, and it uses Bluetooth to connect wirelessly. You can pair it with iPhones, Android devices, or even an Apple Watch to blast music while you are building those muscles. 

The built-in microphone allows for crystal-clear conversations. Since work has moved home, there are often times you may get a call while you are working out. This smart speaker has the chops to help you get a noise-free conference call using speakerphone capabilities.

It’s also IPX7 water-resistant certified. So, you don’t have to worry about spilling water on it or anything – but definitely don’t submerge it underwater. 

Speaking of distance, the advertised range is up to 100 feet/30 meters – but take that info with a grain of salt since that’s highly affected by the device that you are connecting it to. 

Onboard controls are a welcome addition – but we imagine that most people are either going to use their phone or watch to go through tracks. 

Lastly, the battery life can last up to 20 hours of usage before you have to recharge it with a USB Type C cable. 

Best Gadgets and Fitness Gear for Strength Training

Best Gadgets and Fitness Gear for Strength Training: Wrapping Up

These are our top 6 picks for now. If you have any other interesting gadgets to recommend, feel free to let us and everyone else know about them in the comments section down below. 

Also, if you like this article, feel free to stick around for more as we regularly post about fitness gadgets, news, how-to guides, and anything that has to do with tech and well-being as well. 

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