5 Best Fitness Gear for iPhone Users in 2020

Best Fitness Gears for iPhone users

These days, it’s not that it’s hard to find a fitness band or other connected health product. It’s hard to know which one is the best fit for what you want to achieve and your Apple iPhone or Apple Watch.

Technology is indeed catching up with our lifestyles. With all the chatter and experience around lockdowns this year, dormant Apple users may feel the need to get once again excited about pursuing an active lifestyle.

We’ve compiled a list of the best fitness gear — they’ll make great gifts for those who care about being active and pursuing a healthy lifestyle with a little help from technology.

A Smart Scale with Accuracy, Brains and a great App

The Body Cardio is ambitious in the sense that it strives to present a health and fitness profile that is as comprehensive as any I’ve seen from a connected device.

Not only does it track your weight, but it can also measure and track your BMI, body fat, muscle, bone mass, and water measurements. 

Fitness Gears for iPhone 2020

No more fiddling around with a bunch of apps to enter your data manually. Let the Body Cardio scale do it for you.

The accompanying HealthMate app from Withings integrates very well with this smart scale.

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The HealthMate app syncs with your Apple Watch and displays your daily activity metrics, weight, sleep data, and your Blood Pressure data ( when you use the Withings Blood pressure monitor).


Fitness gear for iPhone users 2020
BodyCardio Withings wi-fi Scale

People who set a weight goal in the app report losing twice as much weight. 

When you set a goal, Health Mate coaches you with tips and encouragement to help you reach your objective.

Every weigh-in appears in the Health Mate app automatically, via WiFi or Bluetooth sync.

You can set it up in your household, and it can track up to 8 different users. 

The scale also includes rechargeable batteries, which means less opening up and swapping out of batteries.

The smart scale comes with a 1-year warranty and works with iPhone 5 and newer models. The Body Cardio smart scale can be bought directly from Withings, or you can buy it from Amazon for less than $90.00

Wireless Headphones that announce Heart Rate

Apple’s AirPods are conspicuous out in public, but they are neither the first nor the best options for true wireless headphones.

From sweat-resistance to better sound quality, various headphones can power up your active lifestyle.

The JBL Reflect Fit In-Ear Wireless Headphones with Heart-Rate Monitor boast long battery life and provide an impeccable listening experience that is so true of JBL acoustic reputation. 

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Put these on, open up the Runtastic app on your iPhone, and off you go.

The JBL Reflect fit headphones provides you with instant Heart Rate read-outs without touching your phone or device.

The built-in call vibration alerts feature alerts you to incoming calls.

And did we say that these headphones are truly sweat-proof! 

You can purchase a pair of these JBL Wireless headphones from Amazon.

Cycling with your iPhone? Look no further than Roam Co-Pilot

The Roam Co-Pilot is the perfect smartphone handlebar mount solution for your bicycle or motorcycle. 

Now that Apple’s new iOS 14 provides cyclists with detailed cycling maps, you can use this durable mount for mountain biking, regular street biking for commuting, or while riding your motorbikes.

fitness gears for iPhone users

The Roam co-pilot is a universal mount holder and will securely hold any phone up to 3.5 inches wide.

The Co-Pilot securely mounts your device to your handlebars using a premium hard plastic grip with a silicone net, securing each corner of your device tightly to the mount.

AS soon as you lock your phone in, you know it isn’t going anywhere! You can use it for cross country riding at speed on rough and bumpy terrain or regular city roads.

Pair your iPhone with your favorite Strava route and hit the trail!

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The Roam co-pilot is sure to turn your smartphone into an all dancing and singing GPS bike computer.

The unit comes with a 100% lifetime money-back guarantee from the manufacturer and has 5-star ratings with more than thirteen thousand reviews.

You can get one from Amazon for less than $20.00 and get in shape with your outdoor cycling routines.

Sweat it out with Smart Rope from Tangram Factory

Personally, it takes a lot more enthusiasm to start using jump ropes at my age. The months of eating during lockdown are now proving to be an eyesore and hence the need to explore exercises that can shape me.

One of the best cardio routines that you can do while at home is Jump-ropes.

If you are looking for metrics to excite and keep you motivated while you sweat out on a jump rope, the smart rope from Tangram Factory is a must-have product.

Smartrope tangram factory for iPhone users

The LED-embedded jump rope works with your smartphone, displaying your active fitness data in mid-air as you work out. There are three versions of the Smart rope. 

The Smart Rope rookie is lighter, easier, and comes in an adjustable rope length variety, making it easier to use for adults and children alike.

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The Smart Rope LED embedded rope and the Smart Rope Pure version are also available.

Smartrope app HealthKit for iPhone

You can Sync to the free Smart Gym mobile app to track jump count, calories burned, workout times, and interval training.

The Smart Ropes are compatible with the Apple Health app on your iPhone and Apple Watch.

You can explore this smart rope at Amazon for less than $60 and check out the other LED models from Tangram Factory.

Power up your cardio with JayBird Vista earbuds 

It took Jaybird several attempts to get it right, but with the Vista, they got there. These were designed for active users. Ruggedly built to withstand sweat and moderate water levels, the durability is admirable for something so small.

Jaybird vista earbuds for iPhone users

Jaybird Vista earbuds are compatible with any Bluetooth device, including iPhone, Apple Watch, iPod Touch, iPad, iPad mini, Android, Windows, Blackberry, Android Wear Smartwatches, PC, Mac, and gaming devices.

The Vista has a dedicated app that is well worth downloading, not just for customizing the limited controls but also for changing how they sound through the equalizer (EQ). A community of users has supported the earbuds with EQ presets that truly change how they sound. You can also create your own and apply those as well.

You can use Siri or Google Assistant with your JayBird Vista. If you were looking for incredible sound in a compact package to power up your health and fitness routines, these are definitely worth considering.

You’ll probably get between four-to-five hours per charge, and the case can add the full charge and a half over and above that.

Quick Charge support lets you get one hour of listening on a fast five-minute charge.

They come in blue or black and are available at Amazon for you to explore.

In Summary,

Jump-starting healthy exercise habits that will benefit both body and mind takes some work. Even a small push to move—like a buzz on your wrist—can unlock a larger commitment to consistent physical activity.

Add some motivation with any of these gadgets, and your chances just got better for this year!


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