Amazfit GTS 2 ‘Mini’, Huami’s new entry level Smartwatch clears FCC

Amazfit Huami is ready to launch its new Smartwatch, the GTS 2 Mini. This new product offering from Huami cleared FCC this morning. 

With this new ‘mini’ GTS model, Huami hopes to keep up with the competition in the affordable wearable space.


What will the Amazfit Mini look like? Here are the specs Amazfit GTS 2 smartwatch

The original Amazfit GTS has a rounded rectangular display with pixel density as high as 341 PPI and uses a 348 x 442 resolution on a 1.65 inch AMOLED display.Amazfit GTS 2 mini

The new GTS 2 Mini also uses the rectangular display as opposed to the circular display of GTR models.

It is unclear from the pictures in the filing if the display screen dimensions are being kept the same as the original GTS, in spite of the ‘Mini’ tag on the new watch.

The FCC filing was submitted on Nov. 5th by Huami.

The battery, water resistance, and color options

The new GTS 2 Mini likely uses the same modular watch face where users are able to customize up to five display widgets.

The GTS 2 mini likely has 5 ATM water resistance and supports swimming exercises.

With regards to battery, it is not clear whether the new Mini supports the original 14 days charging life or something lower.

Given Huami’s focus on battery life and their innovation around their chipsets, we expect the mini to support higher battery life. The Battery on the GTS 2 was 246mAh as opposed to the 471mAh on the GTR models. 

The original GTS 2 came in one model and three color options and 3 GB storage. Given the ‘mini’ variant, we are hopeful that Amazfit introduces new colors to this entry-level smartwatch.

The Amazfit Mini’s features Amazfit sports mode

In terms of features, the Mini likely supports the 12 built-in sports modes, the same as the original GTS 2.

One area where the features could differ is around the sensors.

Although the new GTS 2 mini may incorporate Huami’s Biotracker 2 PPG biological sensor, we are not sure if this entry-level smartwatch from Amazfit features the SpO2 component.

In terms of Bluetooth, expect the standard support for Bluetooth 5.0. Since it’s a ‘mini’, one would not expect the smartwatch to have built-in GPS support but then again we could be wrong.

If you look at the Amazfit US website, it only shows the original GTS. We have seen different sites reviewing the GTS 2 model smartwatches, but this is the first time we are seeing a new “Mini” offset of the core Amazfit offerings.

The Amazfit GTS 2 was priced around $180, so one would expect the entry-level GTS 2 mini to be priced somewhere in the $150 range.

Wrap up

We can’t wait to see what Huami has in store with its entry-level smartwatch.

It’s also possible that this is the FCC filing for the GTS 2 and the ‘mini’ is kind of misleading.

We say this since we have not seen any reports of a GTS 2 mini anywhere on the Amazfit site or other release notes.


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