Apple upgrades Fitness features and introduces the beautiful new Apple Watch Series 7

Apple announced the new Apple Watch Series 7 along with the latest iPhone models this week. 

With a larger display, better performance, and the best durable model, the new Apple Watch appears to be the launching platform for next year’s bigger health and fitness features.

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While Samsung embedded a Bio-impedance sensor with the new Galaxy Watch for body fat analysis and possible future hydration monitoring, Apple’s health ambitions appear subdued via the new Series 7.

That being said, instead of purely focussing on embedding new sensors on the Apple Watch, Apple has taken advantage of a capability where it shines.

Apple’s software!

After all, Apple was the first wearable company to get its ECG /Afib software validated by FDA.

New Apple Fitness features coming to Apple Watch

This focus on leveraging its robust software capabilities to add new features is easily shown via the following features coming to Apple users.

  1. For Cyclists – Cyclists have traditionally been attracted to the Garmin platform. Apple has made a deliberate effort to entice cyclists with new features in watchOS 8. Apple Watch can more accurately measure active calories when riding an e-bike. An updated cycling workout algorithm evaluates GPS and heart rate to determine when users are riding with pedal-assist versus leg power alone.
  2. Fall detection algorithms are now optimized for detecting falls during workouts — including cycling — and have been tuned to recognize falls’ unique motion and impact from a bike and other workout types. Cyclists will see their metrics from when they first started their workout. Additionally, cycling workouts have auto-pause and resume, so metrics accurately reflect time spent moving versus stationary, like waiting at a stoplight.
  3. Apple Fitness+ Subscribers – Apple is introducing a new body-conditioning workout type with Pilates and a simple way to practice mindfulness anywhere, anytime, with guided Meditation. Fitness+ is also introducing a new program called Workouts to Get Ready for Snow Season, featuring two-time Olympic gold medalist and five-time world champion skier Ted Ligety. Later this year (fall), Apple introduced Group Workouts with SharePlay, where users can work out with up to 32 people at once to keep each other motivated. 

Apple Watch Series 7, the most durable smartwatch

The new Apple Watch Series 7 built on the S7 Chipset offers an entirely new design with some improvements that were much needed.

The new watch comes with a larger display, 20% more surface area than the Series 6. The buttons on the Series 7 are also larger.

The large display makes it easier to read emails and more since there is 50% more text on the screen due to the larger display.Apple Watch Series 7 Design

The larger display is not appealing to the young and trendy, but it solves many practical problems for middle-aged and elderly users who find it hard to work around on a smaller display.

The new watch display is also 50% thicker than the prior version, making it more durable and crack resistant.

Series 7 additional features and watchOS 8

watchOS 8 debuts additional watch faces designed especially for the larger display on Apple Watch Series 7. The new watch faces made for the Watch Series 7 are the Contour watch face that sports a fluid animation.

The new modular Duo watch face is pretty cool and accommodates at least two areas for larger complications. Finally, the classic world time face looks stunning on the new Apple Watch Series 7.

This is also the first Apple Watch with IP6X certification and WR50 water resistance, making it swim-proof for swimming pools and open water swimming.

If you have been looking for a durable smartwatch, this is the best you can have!!!

The new Apple Watch Series 7 is also one of the best sustainable product designs out there for an advanced SmartWatch.

Apple Watch Series 7 Sustainability

Despite the larger display and embedded sensors such as the third-gen Optical heart sensor and the SpO2 sensor, the Series 7 watch promises an 18-hour battery life and can be charged 33% faster than Series 6.

The new Apple Watch Series 7 also is the first Apple Watch to sport a QWERTY / Quickpath keyboard for easy typing.

It appears that Apple is using the Series 7 platform as a stepping stone for future health and wellness monitoring features.

Following Rockley Photonics wall street’s debut this year, it became abundantly clear that its largest customer is Apple, according to its filings. Apple Watch Rockley health capabilities

Rockley’s superior Infrared capabilities could bring Glucose monitoring, lactate monitoring, Core Body Temperature, Hydration, and alcohol monitoring to next year’s Apple Watch. 

These new capabilities will require more battery power and a suitable larger display to show the relevant metrics and dashboard on the Apple Watch.

Rockley’s ability to use a powerful silicon photonics platform will help the company dig deeper into digital biomarkers and help set it apart from the competition in the future.

All Apple Watch Series 7 models will be available later this fall. Apple Watch Series 7 will start at $399 (US). The new iOS 15 and watchOS 8 will be available for download on September 20th.

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