How to mute activities in Strava app and not clutter your activity feed

Apple Watch with Strava watch app

With Strava, one can share activities with map details and photos with friends. It is a feature that everyone loves, BUT this can quickly become an annoying experience for many to see constant trivial activities on their feed. 

Strava has updated the app and added a new feature via which you can mute your activities directly from the app.

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Muting your activity prevents it from showing up in the Home and Club feeds. It is still available on your profile for others to view. Muted activities still count towards your goals, and it helps to remove clutter from the feeds.

Here is how you can Mute Strava activities 

  • Open the Strava app and navigate to the Home tab.
  • Select the activity by tapping on it.Select Strava Activity
  • Tap on the three dots More button on the top right corner of the screen ( content menu.)Select Strava activity menu
  • Choose Edit Activity.Edit Strava Activity
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the screen.
  • Choose Mute Activity.Mute Strava Activity from feeds
  • Tap on Update Activity.

That’s it!

This prevents your activity from showing up in the Home and Club feeds.

You can now mute all small activities from showing up on others’ feeds. This may include your commute, dog walks, and other minor activities that you don’t want to share.

The other way to tackle this is to make all your activities private on Strava and only make the activities public that you want to share with others.

Making your Strava activity Private is easy

  • Choose an activity.Select Strava Activity
  • Tap on the context menu and choose Edit Activity.Edit Strava Activity
  • Scroll down to the Visibility section.
  • The Who can view field is by default set to Everyone.Mute Strava Activity from feeds
  • Change this by selecting Only You.How to make Strava activity Private

Your followers still see your progress. It counts towards a challenge, but they can not see any details surrounding the activity once you mark it private.

There isn’t an option that will allow you to mute other users’ activities from your feed. We hope you found this short article on the new feature useful!!

Please let us know if you have any questions or want to share a favorite tip of yours.


  1. Is this feature only available via the app? I’ve not been able to figure out how to access the ‘mute’ button via the website.

      • An update to my question above – it IS possible, with addons such as Automate your Strava
        with Strautomator.

        I’ve set up a filter so that any ride shorter than 8km (my commute is 6.5km long), outdoors, not marked as a ‘race’, is automatically muted.


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