Apple Watch alarms not working? Here is how to fix it

Apple Watch Alarm set using Hey Siri

Setting up alarms on the Apple Watch using Siri is easy and straightforward. Several users report that alarms set up on their Apple Watch using Siri or otherwise do not seem to work. 

There are times when the alarms do not get set when using Hey Siri, and at other times, if you have an alarm set, it does not go off.

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The problem with Alarms and Siri on Apple Watch

This is one of those random problems that can occur without reason or rationale. 

Try setting up an alarm on your Apple Watch by saying, ‘ Hey Siri set an alarm for 6 am called yoga time’.Apple Watch Hey Siri Alarms not working fix

If your hey Siri has been set up on your Apple Watch, you should see the response ‘OK, I’ve set your alarm..’ which is how it should behave. With watchOS 8, you see a different confirmation message, as shown below.Apple Watch Alarm set using Hey Siri

The problem is that it shows you the right message, but sometimes the Alarm is simply inactive. It doesn’t fire.

Apple Watch Alarms Not working, How-to Fix

Many users have reported this issue. There isn’t a straight-cut solution to this issue. The only advice that we received from Apple Support was to unpair/re-pair your Apple Watch and see if this issue goes away. If that does not solve the issue for you, continue reading below.

We have found that sometimes the Hey Siri works better when it is reset on your Apple Watch. This is just not for the alarm function but also for other functions that require invoking ‘Hey Siri’ on your watch.

  • On your watch, tap on Settings > Siri.Apple Watch Alarms not working
  • Under Ask Siri, switch off ‘Listen for Hey Siri.How to fix Apple Watch alarms not working
  • Turn off your Apple Watch.
  • Restart your Apple Watch.
  • Turn ‘Listen for Hey Siri’ back on.

Now check if you are still having issues setting up alarms via the ‘Hey Siri’ function.

Are alarms not going off on Apple Watch or iPhone? Try this trick.

Have you ever been in a situation when you know that the alarm is set up and is active on your iPhone and Watch, but it never turns on at the set time?

You have gone over the various settings such as volume control, mute, do-not-disturb et al. as described in the earlier sections but still have the issue.

One workaround that seems to be working for many users is to first delete all your alarms from your Apple Watch and iPhone.

Use ‘Hey Siri delete all my alarms’ and confirm when you see the message.Delete All Apple Watch alarms and reset

Set up your alarms again, but this time also add in a proxy. By that, we mean if you have an alarm set for 7 am. Set another alarm for 7:01 am. When the time interval between two alarms is close, it appears that your iPhone or Watch somehow triggers the alarms. 

Again, this is not the best solution by any means, but the workaround seems to be working for some users.

Apple Watch alarm tips for deep Sleepers

If you sleep deeply, you may miss the alarms. The alarms have a specific time limit on the Apple Watch. After the time limit is passed, it automatically stops. What if you wanted an alarm where you could control the time or, better yet, need to do an action before it turns off.

Alarmy app for deep sleepers

If you are looking for an app that requires you to take action before the alarm turns off, check out Alarmy and see if that helps your issue. This app is available for the iPhone and iPad.

We hope you found these tips useful and can make the best use of alarms on your Apple Watch.


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