Apple’s new MagSafe duo charger packed with at least 6 different options for charging

Price of the MagSafe duo charger

Apple’s new MagSafe duo charger has cleared the FCC and will be available for $129 for the puck and the base.

Based on the available documents, there are two main ways in which you can use Apple’s new MagSafe accessory: 1) Folding or 2) Flat.

Magsafe duo charger Apple config

Here is how you can use different devices ( 6 different options) while charging them:

Apple Magsafe duo charger CONFIG

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Try a different configuration on your Apple MagSafe duo charger

Apple has also thought through different configurations along with the various use cases for using this new MagSafe charger.

This product has two WPT transmitters (one for the phone and one for the watch) which are installed in a small charging pod (“puck”) with magnets to secure the puck to the client. The charging session only occurs with the host (puck) connected to an AC power outlet.

However, due to the puck being held in place by magnets, it is expected that customers may use the charging function in portable use conditions; charging the phone while making a call, or texting. iPhone and Apple watch magsafe duo charger by apple

The phone wireless power transfer system consists of a transmitting coil with 11 turns and measures 7.5 uH nominally in free air.

The receiver coil consists of 13 turns and measures 9.06 uH nominally in free air.

Both coils are single layer and wound spirally.

The watch wireless charger has 12 turns and measures 7.5 uH in free air, it is double layer and wound spirally.

The MagSafe duo regulatory filing

The company’s regulatory filing showcases at least six possible combinations that are available to the user including one where the user can use their iPhone while the device is charging.

Apple Watch users can now take advantage of this and use the new Apple accessory to simultaneously charge their Apple Watch and their iPhone or Watch and AirPods.

The two coils magnetic charger should be available soon on Apple’s site for purchase for $129 and the single-coil charger is priced at $39.

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