Breathonomics App maker, SilentMode raises $1m in pre-series A funding

Breathonomics app

There is a new challenger in the mindfulness technology space. Although Apps such as Calm and Headspace have been the leaders in this niche for some time now, new players such as Silentmode are evaluating novel strategies to successfully compete in this niche by offering unique features.

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More funding for wearable health apps using biometric data

SilentMode, a HongKong based wearables company has secured $1M in pre-series A funding.Silentmode stress reduction wearable

Investors in the new round include social impact group SAVEarth fund, Hong Kong tech incubator Brinc, and private angel backers, according to a statement.

The company’s new Breathonomics app is designed to take your mental performance to the next level. This is one of the few apps that can help with Breathing exercises combined with heart rate variability (HRV) training.

Breathonics is a new mobile app that gamifies meditation while monitoring real-time biometrics.

As popular wearables such as Apple Watch, Whoop, Fitbit Sense, and others build awareness around metrics such as resting heart rate and heart rate variability, new companies are entering this space with service offerings aimed at boosting these metrics and improve overall health via neuroscience.

Improving HRV
Source: Apolloneuro

Companies are on-board to exploit the health tech built into wearables

Apollo Neuro is another company that comes to mind as well. Their service and product offerings are targeted at customers who want to improve their HRV.

We have seen some users who use Whoop 3.0 for tracking the metrics and use Apollo designed programs to help with boosting their HRV.

SilentMode is also the maker of Powermasks.

The main idea around the Powermask and Breathonomics app is to focus on the cardiac vagal tone (CVT), which is often used to measure stress levels. 

It’s connected to the vagus nerve, which coordinates breathing, regulates heart rate, and is generally linked with a stress response.

Bad CVT = High cortisol levels.

Feelings of anxiety, stress, increased blood pressure, weight gain, fatigue and impaired brain function are just a few of the problems associated with Bad CVT.

As new and emerging players such as Breathonomics and Apollo get injected with new capital, we can expect more novel feature offerings for consumers who want to take an active role in shaping their overall health.

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