Fitbit Heart Study results published in Circulation Journal

Initial results from the Fitbit Heart Study of 455,699 participants are now published in the latest edition of Circulation Journal.

The Fitbit / Google research team performed a prospective remote clinical trial to examine a novel PPG-based algorithm for detecting undiagnosed AF from a range of wrist-worn devices. 

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About the Fitbit Heart Study

The study included adults aged ≥22 in the United States without Atrial fibrillation (A-fib) using compatible wearable Fitbit devices. Thee study result analyzed PPG datad using a novel algorithm that examines overlapping 5-minute pulse windows (tachograms).

Eligible participants with an irregular heart rhythm detection (IHRD), defined as 11 consecutive irregular tachograms, were invited to schedule a telehealth visit and were mailed a 1-week ambulatory ECG patch monitor.

The primary outcome was the positive predictive value of the first IHRD during ECG patch monitoring for concurrent AF.

Primary pesults from Fitbit’s massive study

A total of 455 699 participants enrolled (median age 47 years, 71% female, 73% White) between May 6 and October 1, 2020. 

For participants aged ≥65 years, the Irregular Heart Rhythm Detection positive predictive value was 97.0% (95% CI, 91.4%–99.4%).

You can access the Supplemental materials from this study. Fitbit Heart Study

Fitbit AFib detection novel algorithm was approved earlier in April 202A. The new PPG AFib algorithm approved in April can passively assess your heart rhythm in the background while you’re still or asleep. Fitbit app heart health notifications

All Fitbit users (free and premium members) can access these reports using the Discover tab in the Fitbit app on their phone and tap Assessments & Reports. Irregular heart rhythm report in Fitbit app

From here, tap the Irregular Rhythm Notifications tile.

If Fitbit detects signs of any irregular heart rhythms that might be AFib, look for a list of notifications and when they occurred. You may have no notifications! Fitbit app no irregular heart rhythm notification

Pay attention to the date that the Fitbit app last analyzed your data. It likely isn’t completely up-to-date.

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