Fitbit Introduces Blood Glucose integration and more in its latest update

Fitbit New Feature Blood Glucose Tracking
Fitbit introduces their new blood glucose tracking feature.

Today, Fitbit announced the new health features rolling out throughout this month to their premium and free users.

The extensive updates include expanding the Health Metric Dashboard to free users and introducing tracking blood glucose levels. There are also minor updates for electrocardiogram (ECG) and blood oxygen level (SpO2) features.

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Last year, Fitbit launched their Health Metrics Dashboard to the premium Sense and Versa 3 users. Dashboard tracks breathing rate, heart rate variability, oxygen saturation, skin temperature variation, and resting heart rate. It also shows users their 7-day and 30-day trends.

The Health Metrics Dashboard is now available to free users with a Versa 2, Inspire 2, and Charge 4. However, free users will only have access to view their 7-day trends. 

If you do not see the Dashboard in your Fitbit app currently, all you have to do is just select edit and add the Health Metrics Tile. It should pop up after doing so. 

Fitbit also announced that blood glucose tracking is coming to their users in the United States.

This feature will be available for free and premium users and shall be rolling out throughout February.

Free users will be able to log their blood glucose levels automatically or manually. You can also set reminders and compare your blood glucose data logs.

You’ll be able to visually see the data on an easy to read, chart. The chart shows you how your physical activity, food intake, sleep schedule, and other daily habits can affect your blood glucose levels.

While premium users will have access to the same features as free users, they have the option to compare more than 30 days worth of their data trends. 

Premium users can also send their data to their Fitbit health coaching goals to learn more about their behaviors and tweak your action plan to hold you accountable.

Fitbit’s blood glucose tracking can connect to the OneTouch Reveal™ app from LifeScan currently. Other meters and apps will also be able to connect to your Fitbit in the future. Stay tuned for those updates from Fitbit in the future. 

Once it is available, you can add this feature to your Fitbit by going into the Fitbit app. Located under the Discover tab, select Health & Fitness Stats, and then you can add the blood glucose function. 

In addition to the mahout updates that Fitbit announced today, we also learned that Fitbit expanded ECG readings for users in Canada, New Zealand, and US Territories.

And, Charge 4 users can now view their SpO2 information on their wrist rather than going straight to the Fitbit app for this data.

Stay tuned for more Fitbit news and updates. 



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