Samsung’s new patent builds upon ideas for a wearable Ring

Samsung Ring wearable
Samsung ring wearable

Samsung is exploring a new line of wearables similar to the Oura ring. The company received approval for a new patent today that shows a ring type wearable capable of activity monitoring combined with wellness monitoring features.

This is not the first approved Samsung patent in recent months that shows the company’s interest in a new wearable form. Although the company today has a significant market share of the wearables segment via its Galaxy Watch line, it has been regularly winning patents for a ring wearable.


In December of 2020, the company got approval for a patent that described a Ring wearable that could power the phone.Samsung ring charging phone

The wearable was unique in that it could power itself from the kinetic energy of your body.

This new patent approved today showcases a ring wearable capable of corresponding to fingers sizes of the users having various thicknesses by combining an outer ring member and an inner ring member and constantly maintaining sensitivity of a sensing unit even in change of the size of the device. 

The Ring wearable has been described with the following key features:

  • Galvanic skin response (GSR) sensor 
  • an electrocardiogram (ECG) sensor and PPG sensors
  • Blood oxygen saturation level monitoring
  • Acceleration sensors
  • Hall sensor
  • NFC chipset

The research also highlights the potential for adding or improving new sensor based features to the ring.

Samsung Ring Notifications

These include functions for detecting apnea in the user’s sleep, a function of detecting sleeping and sleeping step, a function of detecting drowsiness in a driver via the ECG sensor, a function of measuring blood pressure, a function of measuring calorie consumption, a function of measuring skin hydration, a function of authenticating the user, and a function of measuring temperature.

The Samsung ring would also support the usual productivity-related actions such as notifications for email, messages, or incoming calls. 

As with any patent, it is hard to tell if this would ever become a commercial product but given the volume of patents in the last few months, it shows that the tech giant could be interested in releasing a ring form wearable sooner than later.

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