Fossil to release a new Smartwatch soon following the Gen 5E series

Fossil Gen 6 coming?

Fossil launched its new series of Gen 5 branded as Gen 5E recently. These new smartwatches from Fossil this year featuring Bluetooth 4.2 LE, NFC, WiFi had the Snapdragon 3100 processor and a bright AMOLED screen.

UPDATE – According to droid-life, this filing is just another variant for Gen 5 AND no way a Gen 6 on 4100. Here is Droid-life’s coverage from Kellen.

The four-color variants of the Gen 5 SE all belonged to the same model ‘DW6F1’ and these models were all approved by the FCC on the 17th of September.  The company however unveiled the release on the week of Oct 5th. Fossil Gen 5E Smartwatch

We were right about the news when we published the story in September.

We have found a new regulatory filing this morning from Fossil showing a newer smartwatch model branded as ‘DW12F1’.

Fossil DW12 Smartwatch

Unlike the Gen 5E, this particular smartwatch doesn’t have any additional variants as evident from the test reports filed with the regulatory bodies.

UPDATE – According to droid-life this filing is just another variant for Gen 5 AND no way a Gen 6 on 4100. Here is Droid-life’s coverage from Kellen.

You can see below from the regulatory filings that this is the only model that was approved today. All the 4 above it were approved in September before the release of 5E.

Fossil Smartwatch 2020

The lower and upper frequency for the new Smartwatch is 2402 and 2480 Mhz respectively.

Fossil Smartwatch D12 model
Description as per FCC approval

It is unclear how this new model compares with the latest 5E series that was released. One can only hope that the new DW12F1 is based on the SnapDragon 4100 chipset. 

Given that the only smartwatch featuring the Qualcomm 4100 is the TicWatch Pro 3, this will create an attractive offering for so many wearOS users who have been waiting for a 4100 variant.

There was some hope that the OnePlus folks would perhaps release a new 4100 based Smartwatch at their event this week but that didn’t happen, despite all the rumors.

The Gen 5 has been around for a year now and we have already seen the 5E variant this year. It will be nice to see a newer smartwatch with an improved processor.

This filing could very well be yet another 5E variant and that would surely be disheartening. The 4100+ platform supports both Bluetooth 5.0 and 4.2. We couldn’t find any information around BT 5.0 in the test filing of this new smartwatch.

It’s time to wait and watch yet again! Hopefully, Fossil has some good news for fans before Christmas shopping picks up in a few weeks.

There’s also a new LTE version coming for folks that want to leave their phones at home!

It took them two weeks between the approval and release, which would mean that we should see the company unveil this new Smartwatch hopefully, a Gen 6, before the end of October.

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