8 must have apps for every pet owner

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In a lot of ways, taking care of a pet is like having a young child, one that’s extremely energetic and potentially mischievous in many different ways. That’s why having the best pet apps out there can be a huge help.


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So many pet apps, so little time

There are lots of different kinds of pet apps, and we picked some of the best for you.

Some apps are not available for both iOS and Android – which is why we sometimes pick different variants of the same category. So, with that out of the way, let us get right into it!

Health Tech is important to our furry friends as well!

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Not interested in the details? No problem. Here is the basic information as quickly as possible:

  1. 11pets: Pet Care (Android and iOS) – Great for keeping track of your pet’s healthcare routine and tracking various aspects of it (Allergies, vaccinations, deworming, medication, food tracking, nail clipping, bathing, ear cleaning, etc.)
  2. 1Money (Android) and Spendee (iOS) – Track how much you spend on your pets and how you spend your money and set a budget for each category
  3. Tractive (Android and iOS) – A GPS tracker for your cat or dog. You can use it to both locate and track your pet’s movements
  4. BringFido (Android and iOS) – See nearby pet-friendly hotels or other great locations for a walk
  5. Zooplus (Android) and Chewy (iOS) – An online shop that’s specifically made for pets
  6. APCC (Android and iOS) – See what substances in your house may be toxic to specific kinds of pets
  7. Pet First Aid (Android and iOS ) – Fully packed with information on how to treat various emergencies along with a hospital and Vet locator
  8. Relax My Dog (Android) and Calm Your Dog (iOS) – Sounds that are specifically made to help your dog relax or sleep

That’s the gist of it. But if you want a deeper insight, keep on reading.

1: 11 Pets (Android and iOS): Pet Health Journal

In many ways, caring for a pet isn’t much different than caring for a child. There are many things to do and keep in mind, such as:

  • Grooming
  • Bathing
  • Teeth cleaning
  • Vaccinations
  • Nail clipping
  • Blood tests
  • Medications
  • Nutrition

And more. Remembering exactly what has already been done, when it was done, and what you still need to do next can be a pain in you know what! Especially when there are tons of other things going on in your life. And that’s where 11 Pets can come in handy.

Best pet apps

You can use it to keep track of everything that’s going on as far as healthcare and general care are concerned – and you can also use it to schedule ahead.

It’s free to use. So, we’d say it’s worth a try.

2: 1Money (Android) and Spendee (iOS): Pet Expense Tracking

Taking care of animals is expensive. It’s easy to lose track of how much you spend on your fluffy little friend and maybe go a bit overboard with toys. Not to mention anything about personal indulges. So, that’s where an app with expense tracking can come in handy!

1money android

Apps like 1Money and Spendee aren’t mainly made for pets. You can also use them to track different expenses and create your unique categories.

Anything goes—housing, healthcare, individual pets, hobbies, groceries, bills, etc. Knowing how much you spend is very helpful for sticking to a specific budget and saving money down the line. So, we’d recommend giving these apps a try.

Just keep in mind that they are not free. The base version of 1Money is free, with the premium asking for a small one-time purchase, while Spendee starts from $2 a month.

3:Tractive (Android and iOS): Best Pet GPS Tracker

Pets that are very active and love the outdoors can be particularly hard to take care of. They may jump over the fence for a sneaky stroll and never find their way back. It’s in situations like these where GPS trackers can be handy.

Tractive GPS Tracker & Health Monitoring for Dogs - Market Leading Pet GPS Location Tracker, Wellness & Escape Alerts, Waterproof, Works with Any Collar (Brown)
  • REAL-TIME GPS TRACKING: See the location of your dog and track them anywhere with no distance limit
  • WORKS WITH SUBSCRIPTION: The subscription covers all the costs of the integrated SIM card and data,...

Tractive can help you locate your pet no matter how far it may be, and it can also notify you when it leaves a specified “safe” area. Not to mention anything about tracking their route.

The app itself is free to use. But, the wearable tracker costs $50 along with a monthly subscription of $5 a month for LTE connectivity.

4: BringFido (Android and iOS): Finding Pet-Friendly Locations the Easy Way

Do you always have a rough time finding a place where you can bring your dog with you? Then something like BringFido may be of use.

Best pet apps

BringFido is a great way to find pet-friendly locations such as hotels that allow pets, parks, attractions, dog events, restaurants, pet supply stores, etc.

Furthermore, you can narrow it down by pricing and other aspects, such as hotels that don’t charge an extra pet fee.

It’s also free to use on both iOS and Android. So, go ahead and give it a try.

5: Zooplus (Android) and Chewy (iOS): Buying Pet Supplies on Easy Mode

Finding and buying decent supplies for your pet is no easy task. It takes months of experience to separate quality products, and even when you do, there is no guarantee that you’ll find them in your local shop. That’s where apps like Zooplus and Chewy come in!

Best pet apps

These are online shops that are made specifically for pets. And they’ve got everything from pet food to accessories, toys, and anything else.

It saves you the trouble of having to physically go into a store, and it also gives you the option of checking out reviews to see what’s truly good. So, what’s there to miss if it’s supported in your region?

6: APCC (Android and iOS) – Best List of Toxic Substances

Humans and other animals are not the same. What’s perfectly harmless may be near-deadly to a dog or cat. If you wish to know what to look out for, APCC is the app to get.

Toxic substances app for pets

And it’s not just about what’s toxic and what’s not. It’s about the severity, symptoms, and what you can potentially do to save your pet in case something goes wrong.

The list includes plants, foods, medication, weather, and household hazards. And while there are plenty of things missing, this is still an excellent starting point and much better than nothing.

7: Pet First Aid (Android and iOS ): Best Pet App for First Aid Treatments

One can never be too prepared. Especially when it comes to health matters – be it with pets or humans. And that’s one of the things that Pet First Aid does. It arms us with knowledge and prepares us for the worst.

Pet first aid

But it’s also more than just a book. In case of an emergency, you can also use it to locate a vet hospital or call one.

This is another freebie. So, feel free to give it a try.

8: Relax My Dog (Android) and Calm Your Dog (iOS): Relaxing Sounds for your Pets

Just like humans, dogs can feel extreme stress and weariness levels. One of the best ways to get yours to calm down, apart from cuddling him/her to death, is by using relaxing sounds or music – precisely what these apps are about.

Best pet apps

Unfortunately, most of the content asks for a small price. But there is also a free trial, so go ahead, give it a try, see if it works, and then you can decide on your own whether or not something like that is worth the extra money.

Best 8 Pet Apps: Wrapping Up

That’s all for now. If you have any other recommendations, feel free to let us know in the comments below!

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