Gift guide for the tech-obsessed cyclist this year

tech obsessed cyclist

If you’ve got a tech-obsessed cyclist in your life, check out these super-cool products that surely end up on any cyclist’s wish list.

From smart trainers to LED helmets and vibrating foam rollers, we’ve created a list of some of the coolest techy products for cyclists this year. So surprise the cyclist in your life this year with one (or more) of these unique gifts.

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Our seven picks for the tech-obsessed cyclist

The Elite Suito Smart Trainer

Suito eliteThis Elite Suito is one of the best new smart trainers on the market. It comes with a preinstalled Shimano 11-speed cassette for maximal compatibility among most bicycles.

The Elite Suito is slim but sturdy. So no worrying required if your tech-obsessed cyclist is tight on space. It also boasts ANT+ and Bluetooth connectivity with various training and fitness apps supported by iOS, Android, OSX, and Windows.

Some other cool performance features include its 15% simulated slope component and its +/- 2.5% accuracy, even with the hardest of rides. It can also take up to 1900 watts of resistance.

This stellar product comes with a price to match at around USD 850. This may be the primo option if you’re looking for a gift to truly “wow” your tech-obsessed cyclist.

Elite SUITO Smart Trainer Interactive Trainer
  • Includes a free 1-month subscription to Zwift and a free 12-month subscription to the My E-Training...
  • Sensorless cadence measurement

LUMOS Kickstart Cycling Helmet

Helmet by Lumos

The LUMOS Kickstart is one of our favorite products. This smart helmet is one of the brightest and most advanced techy helmets on the market.

It comes with over 500 lumens of 360-degree light output, integrated turn signals, and automated brake lights to help you stay illuminated and well-seen while on the road.

To activate those crucial turn signals or brake lights, quickly use the included Lumos Remote, or sync up your Apple Watch for gesture-triggered indicators. This really is a stunning feature.

LUMOS also has a Lumos Companion App that you can pair with your helmet to customize light flashing patterns for a handful of scenarios. Because of its smart features, you can also sync this app with Strava and Apple Health to track your activity. And there’s an Apple Watch app too!

With 18 hours of battery life (and only a two-hour charging time), never fear running out of battery, even on your longest cycling days. Even if it rains, the LUMOS Kickstart has fully-sealed electronics making it 100% waterproof.

At $199.99, we feel it is entirely worth its price for the number of features and safety you get with this high-tech helmet. So as our nights get longer with winter approaching, consider this fantastic gift for the tech-obsessed cyclist in your life.

Lumos Kickstart Smart Bike Helmet | Front and Back LED Lights with Turn Signals | Charcoal Black Non-MIPS
  • Enhance your cycling identity - Choose Lumos Kickstart, the smart helmet designed for those who...
  • Enjoy effortless communication on the road - Integrated bike turn signals controlled by a wireless...

ABUS 770a SmartX Smart Bike Lock

smart bike lock ABUS 770a

With the cost of bikes on the rise, it’s more important than ever to secure your bike when out in public. The ABUS 770a SmartX can help you with that.

This lock’s “smart” feature is its Bluetooth capabilities that provide you with a keyless locking mechanism. Say goodbye to the days of having to carry a physical key for your bike lock.

This product is one of the first Sold Secure Gold smart bike locks and Sold Secure Gold has the highest bicycle rating achievable. So you know this product is foolproof.

In fact, this bike lock is double bolted, impossible to pick (since it has no keyhole), and produces a 100dB alarm to scare off any theft attempts.  

Because it is larger than most standard bike locks, it is going to be a bit heavier as well. When you consider the amount of technology built into it, though, it seems more than reasonable.

Download the SmartX app from either the Google Play Store or App Store, depending on your smartphone. It is easily paired with the app, where you can access its smart locking/unlocking features and alarm settings.

The ABUS 770a Smart X has an impressive three-month battery life, and it is rechargeable via a USB charging port. It’ll cost you around $249.99, but if you want the ultra-secure smart-lock qualities, it could be an excellent gift.

ABUS 770A SmartX Bicycle Lock with Bluetooth and Alarm (100 db) - iOS & Android - Security Level 15, Unisex - Adults, Black with USKF Holder., HB230
  • SmartX locking system with Bluetooth function - high-quality, keyless locking system offers the most...
  • Alarm function at least 100 dB for 15 seconds, then automatically resonate

Sherlock Antitheft Tracker

Sherlock bike tracker

I think the worst-case scenario for any cyclist is having their bike stolen. Rid that fear with the Sherlock – an invisible GPS anti-theft device.

You place and hide the Sherlock inside the handlebars of your bike, making it an unknown feature to the unsuspecting person. When you park your bike or leave it unattended for any period, simply activate Sherlock using its mobile app.

The app, called Sherlock Bike, is compatible with both iOS and Android users. Thanks to its internal GPS, Sherlock has limitless tracking for anywhere in Europe or the U.S.

The app shows you your bike’s precise location, and you can even share this location with the police, thanks to a unique code. Its rechargeable battery can also last for seven days on a single charge.

If you want to ensure that you’ll never lose your bike or that you’re guaranteed to track its location no matter what the situation, Sherlock could be a great gift option.

Find your Sherlock at the company’s online store (for Europe and US customers only) or your local bike shop!

Turn Signal Bike Gloves

Turn signal cycling gloves by Zackees

The market for turn signal cycling gloves is relatively new. These gloves are equipped with LED turn signal technology that noticeably helps you stand out and indicate to traffic when you make a turn.

The technology behind them is actually quite simple. The gloves run on rechargeable coin batteries that can last beyond a week with heavy use and up to three weeks with moderate to light use.

A few other cool qualities include the fact that you can still wash them despite the internal tech. They are also exceptionally bright with 54-lumen LEDs, which work for both day and nighttime use.

The activation switch to turn on the lights when appropriate is located right between the index finger and thumb, easily activating them without any effort needed.

Safety should always be the number one priority with road cycling. And we think the more you can be seen, the safer you’ll be.

Consider these LED-equipped gloves for your tech-obsessed cyclist.

AMZSTAR Cycling Glove LED Turn Signal,Automatic Turning Induction, Mountain Bike Gloves Half Finger,Non-Slip, Wear-Resistant, Comfortable and Breathable (Black, M)
  • BIKE GLOVES WITH LED TURN SIGNAL LIGHT: LED light on the glove which makes it easy for others to...
  • ALL-PURPOSE GLOVES: Suitable for Road Cycling, Mountain Bike, BMX, Motorcycle, Driving, Workout,...

Bontrager Ion Pro RT/Flare RT Light Set

Bontrager Ion Pro light set

This combo set really embraces the “see and be seen” motto for cycling. The front Ion Pro RT is packed with enough power to light up any trail in front of you, while the Flare RT is as bright of a rear light that you’ll find on the market.

These lights aren’t only useful at night, but they’re powerful enough to be just as easily visible during the daytime – up to 2km away.

The tech-obsessed cyclist will love the ability to connect these lights to Garmin and Bontrager Transmitr devices via Bluetooth or ANT+. This way, you’ll always be able to monitor their flash mode, on/off controls, and battery status.

The RT combo gives you 12 hours of rechargeable battery life plus 30 minutes of internally stored power just in case you reach a critically low status. At $199.99 for the pair, it’s really a pretty decent deal. Purchase directly from Bontrager to get the best deals.

Hyperice – Vyper 3.0 Vibrating Fitness Roller

vibrating foam roller viper 2.0

Working hard on the bike and enjoying your rides is only part of a cyclist’s life. The recovery process is also important and often needed to ensure continued optimal performance.

Treat fatigued and sore muscles with the Vyper 3.0 Vibrating Fitness Roller. This foam roller is an excellent self-myofascial release tool that helps increase flexibility and circulation and reduces overall muscle soreness post-workout.

The added vibration component of this roller enhances all of those qualities mentioned above that outdoes any standard foam roller. It comes with three different intensity vibration settings to target the exact treatment you’re looking for.

Its rechargeable batteries give you two hours of use before needing a recharge. So you’re likely to get anywhere from a few days to up to a week of use, depending on how long you foam roll for.

It’s priced above a hundred dollars, so it is definitely more on the pricy end. It should last a good while, though – especially with its 24-month product protection plan.

Hyperice Vyper 3 - Powerful High-Intensity Vibrating Foam Roller - Relieve Muscle Tension - Pre and Post Workout Recovery - FSA-HSA Approved
  • Turn it up: The Vyper 3 energizes your muscles and gets you prepped for action. Massage away...
  • Accelerated design: Built with your body in mind. The Vyper 3’s contoured design helps avoid...

Want to know more or see different options depending on your budget? Check out our article Smart vibrating foam rollers buying guide: Everything you need to know.  

Final thoughts on our gift guide for the tech-obsessed cyclist

Each of these techy gifts offers some extra-cool specs and safety features for both the bike and the cyclist.

If you have a friend, family member, or significant other who you deem a tech-obsessed cyclist, we guarantee they’ll love any of the items in this gift guide.

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