How to check your Strava Weekly totals after the latest update

Check Strava Weekly Totals and goals

Appears that Strava has decided to make some changes this week in how users interact with their weekly goals and corresponding totals

As per Stava, As of August 12, 2020, e-bike, handcycle, velomobile, and wheelchair activities will no longer count towards ride and run goals.


You can now create separate goals for these sport types from the mobile app and all your previous activities will count towards that goal instead.

Where is the Weekly Totals in the Strava App?

Looking for previous weekly totals or cumulative mileage displays? The latest Strava update, version 1.5.4 has apparently changed the location of the weekly features and is causing some heartaches with users.

Where is the Strava weekly goal after the updateWeekly goal moved to Training tab on strata

Check Weekly totals without Strava Summit

According to Strava Support,The weekly totals were part of our goals subscription feature which has now been moved to the Training tab.Strava Weekly details moved to you feed

All athletes can find the summary bar at the top of the ‘You’ feed on mobile.

The training tab now lets you see prior week totals and also allows you to change your weekly goals.Strava weekly progress on home screen

While Strava seems to have eliminated weekly progress in the app for the free version, the widget for Android users is showing weekly mileage, for the time being. You can still have it on the home screen, as per a Redditor, and check your weekly details at a glance.

September 7th, 2002 Update. Users are still having issues adjusting to this change even weeks after the change was spotted by users.

Where is Strava weekly green graphs

How to set Weekly Goals using Strava on the web

Once you login into your account on Strava’s website,Set Strava weekly goal using web

  •  Go TO Dashboard > My Goals.
  • Choose your activity from the icons at the top
  • Click on the ‘pencil’ icon to start editing your goal
  • Use the slider to adjust the goal

How to set Weekly Goals using Strava App

On the Strava app, you will need to navigate to the ‘Training’ tab at the bottomSet Strava weekly goal using app

  • Tap on Add Goal
  • Choose between ‘Weekly’, ‘Monthly’ etc for the duration
  • Choose the metric (distance, elevation, etc)
  • Add in your value and Save

Segment Goals on Strava

As a Strava subscriber, if you are using Segment goals, you can set it up easily using the overall leaderboard page. Segment goals can only be created from the Strava website for cycling and running segments.

Set Segment goal using Strava

  • Tap on any of the segments from your segment explore page
  • Choose ‘Select Goal’
  • Enter your target time, deadline and tap on Create Segment Goal

Many app makers are moving more and more features behind the paywall these days. It will interesting to watch how Strava undergoes this transformation. We hope that Popular metrics that are basic should not require a subscription.

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