How to turn off Voice summaries when exercising with your Samsung Galaxy Watch

Samsung Galaxy Watch exercise settings

New to the Samsung Galaxy Watch? The Samsung Galaxy Watch has an audio guide and a voice summaries feature in its’ exercise app that can be annoying if not set up properly.

This article will review some of the audio features that are available to you when you are exercising with your Galaxy Watch and show you how you can customize them easily.

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The problem with Voice summaries

Several new Samsung watch users reported that their watch provides a loud audio summary every 15 minutes while walking or running. Many users find this an inconvenience, particularly if they listen to music or podcast while working out.

Here is how you can customize the audio messaging settings in the exercise app on your Samsung Galaxy watch to your own preferences.

Customize Audio messaging and voice summary settings on the Galaxy watch

Turn off the audio messaging on Samsung Galaxy Watch while exercising

  • Start by opening up the Exercise/ Workout screen (Multiworkout widgets)Samsung Galaxy Watch exercise settings
  • Tap on your preferred exercise and immediately tap on the Settings icon on the screenLaunch exercise settings on samsung galaxy watch
  • This will open the exercise settings
  • Scroll down all the way and turn off ‘Audio Guide’Disable Audio guide for exercise on Galaxy watch
  • You can also tap on the exercise settings icon before choosing the exercise
  • Some exercises have ‘Guide Frequency,’ for example for WalkingAdjust audio guide frequency on samsung galaxy watch
  • Tap on this to customize. You can choose from
      • Distance every 1 mile
      • Time every x minutes
  • Disable ‘Guide Frequency’ altogether if you don’t want to hear the voice summaries OR
  • Customize it to a suitable distance or time according to your preference
  • Disable ‘Coaching Messages’ from your ‘workout screen’ if you don’t want messages.

For new runners trying out the Samsung Galaxy Watch, you should definitely check out the coaching message feature before you disable it.

Once you choose a type of run from the Target settings ( Light Jogging, Light Running, Calorie burning, Endurance training, etc.), it shows you the number of miles and time required for the session and guides you through the workout.

If you are using your Samsung Galaxy watch for a brisk walking exercise and want to enjoy your music or podcast, you can turn off the Audio guide features.

Wrap up

We hope that this short article was helpful.

Please let us know if you have any questions or comments. Feel free to share a favorite tip or two that you find useful on your Samsung Galaxy Watch.

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