InsideTracker now available for Apple Watch Users

Insidetracker for Apple Watch

InsideTracker made news last year when it announced its integration with Garmin Smartwatches. Apple Watch users can now take advantage of InsideTracker and help optimize their wellness and performance through blood tests, nutrition, and science.

InsideTracker is one of the several companies in the emerging field of personalized nutrition and wellness with an app that integrates with Apple Health on iOS and offers actionable insights via the Apple Watch.

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About InsideTracker for Apple Watch

By bringing together blood biometrics, DNA insights, and Apple Watch data, including workouts, daily activity, resting heart rate (RHR), and sleep duration, the InsideTracker app delivers sophisticated, science-backed nutrition and lifestyle recommendations right to Apple Watch devices.

The app’s protein feature provides daily personalized insights based on a user’s information, backed by science and curated by InsideTracker’s registered dietitians.

“InsideTracker is the only system that integrates this level of activity tracking with blood, DNA, and lifestyle data, and we’re excited to unlock these precision wellness and longevity benefits for 100 million Apple Watch users,” said Dr. Gil Blander, co-founder, and chief scientific officer, InsideTracker.

Biowellness tests, typically used by seasoned athletes for their training, are now becoming accessible to the average weekend warrior via companies such as Levels, Routine, Thorne, and Insidetracker.InsideTracker for Apple Watch

Tack on the DNA test to see how 261 genetic markers influence your athletic potential. In the case of InsideTracker, the blood test analyzes up to 43 biomarkers involved with energy, metabolism, strength, and endurance. From there, the app flags problem areas and delivers custom interventions.

For $500, InsideTracker’s “ultimate” plan will test for 30 biomarkers, including iron, calcium, cholesterol, and so on. 

There’s also a more affordable and popular $150 option that tests 12 markers. 

Both the tests provide detailed reports on your nutritional outlook with catered recommendations.

To unlock the integration, InsideTracker users with an Apple Watch can download the updated InsideTracker app with Apple Watch integration from the App Store starting today, then log into their InsideTracker account to connect their device. 

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