How to check your weekly step counts for your Apple Watch

How to check weekly step counts on Apple Watch

Many Apple Watch users like to keep track of their weekly activity summary. Keeping track of weekly step counts is something that is appealing for many users, particularly Fitbit users who have transitioned to Apple Watch.

Your Activity and workout statistics are readily available on your paired iPhone and your Apple Watch. You do not need a third-party app to simply check your weekly average step counts.

This article shows you a few ways to keep track of your activities and more.

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Check weekly step totals on your Apple Watch

The easiest way to check out your current weekly step totals on your Apple Watch is to launch the Activity app.

    1. Launch Activity app on your Apple Watch.Launch Activity app on Apple Watch
    2. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen.
    3. Tap on Weekly Summary.

      Check Weekly Step Counts on Apple Watch
      Tap on Weekly Summary
    4. Scroll down on this screen to see the details for the week.

      Check Weekly Activity Summary on Apple Watch
      Scroll to the bottom of this screen
    5. Here you will find your Weekly Step counts along with calories burned, distance covered in miles and more.

      Weekly Step Count totals on Apple Watch
      Weekly Step count information on Apple Watch

Check weekly step totals for the Apple Watch on your iPhone

The quick and easy look-up described above provides you with the weekly summary for the latest completed week, but you don’t have additional choices.

If you are looking for more details, including weekly /monthly and six-monthly views of your step counts and more, launch the Health app on your iPhone

    1. Launch Health app on the paired iPhone.Use Health app to check weekly step count on iPhone
    2. Tap on Summary at the bottom left corner of your screen.
    3. Tap on ‘Edit’ next to Favorites to add Step Counts into your favorites if you have not done so.Check Weekly Step count for Apple Watch using iPhone
    4. Tap on the Star next to Steps to select it as one of your favorites and next tap on ‘Done’ at the top right corner of the screen.Add Step Count into Favorites
    5. This makes sure that Step Counts is displayed under Favorites when you launch the Health app next time.
    6. Tap on the Steps under the Steps section in your favorites.Review Weekly Step count for Appel Watch on Health app
    7. You see the graph showing your daily step count.
    8. Choose Weekly Stepcount by tapping on ‘W’ at the top of the graph.Check Weekly Step Count for Apple Watch
    9. This shows you the weekly average step count for the week.
    10. You can scroll left on the graph to check out the weekly average step counts for prior weeks.

On this screen, you can also tap on ‘M’ to view your monthly Step count information or choose 6M or Y to see the six-month averages and the average step counts for the year.

Third-Party apps to help with tracking weekly step count for Apple Watch

If you are looking for a third-party app that can provide you with additional details around step counts, including total step count information, check out the Pedometer++ app on the App store.

This third-party app is a favorite for users who love walking with their Apple Watch and regularly monitor their step count totals and miles completed or floors climbed. The other third-party app that many users like is the Walkfit: Walking app and Tracker.

If you don’t own an Apple Watch, see this article for some great recommendations for apps that track your steps and distance: How to count steps or distance with your iPhone when you don’t own an Apple Watch

Want to see your daily step count on your watch face? Apple Watch face with daily step count like Fitbit

Apple doesn’t (yet) provide a way to see your steps directly on your watch face as a complication. But many third-party apps do! 

Learn how to add your day’s steps to your watch face in this short article: How to see your step count on Apple Watch face with just a glance.

We hope that you found this short article helpful. Please let us know if you have any questions or comments or want to share a favorite tip of yours.

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