Monitor your HRV (Heart Rate Variability) on Apple Watch using HeartAnalyzer

Monitor Heart Rate Variability on Apple Watch

The Apple Watch app HeartAnalyzer has a large fan following among health enthusiasts in the Apple community. HeartAnalyzer has provided cardio analytics for the last five years and has continued to improve upon its offerings.

Recently, the app maker released a series of new features, including new complications for your Apple Watch, new VO2 Max charts, and a series of range charts available for HRV and SPO2.

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This article will provide you with an overview of some of the new features and share our conversations with Simon, the developer behind this powerful cardio tech app.New HeartAnalyzer features

HeartAnalyzer provides users with the ability to easily monitor their HRV (Heart Rate Variability) right from the Apple Watch. 

The app also features Heart Rate Notification Alerts integration, giving you a central place to view and track your Apple Watch Heart Rate Alerts for low and high heart rates along with irregular heart rates and low cardio fitness.

The coolest feature in the app’s new update is by far the heart rate-related complications that allow you to quickly add relevant metrics that matter most to you into your Apple Watch face.

The new complications are available via the Infograph modular watch face that you can easily customize.Check HRV on Apple Watch face

Four Major HeartAnalyzer Complications available on your Apple Watch

When customizing the watch face, you can add the following HeartAnalyzer complications:

  1. Current and day Range of your heart rate
  2. Average and day range of your heart rate 
  3. Recent SpO2(Blood Oxygen level monitoring) readings
  4. Recent HRV(Heart Rate Variability) readings

Using these new complications, you can easily access the relevant heart rate data right from your Apple Watch face.

When customizing the watch face, you can choose any of the above metrics and have them show up in the middle section of the watch face as a trend (HRV Weekly and daily trends) or use the other positions to view the current and day range values of a particular metric.

For example, in this instance, we have customized it to show the Heart Rate Variability values as a trend line in the middle of the watch face. This shows the daily HRV values for the week along with the min, max, and average HRV values.

Users also have the ability to add their SpO2 readings into the watch face along with current and day range for heart rate.Monitor Heart Rate Variability on Apple Watch

HeartAnalyzer is Free

You can download the app for free and check out these new complications on your Apple Watch.

No more tapping on your iPhone to drill down and locate your HRV values to understand your recovery. 

A glance at your watch face will provide you the weekly trend lines for your heart rate variability, SpO2 readings, and heart rate values on your Apple Watch. 

For users monitoring their strain and recovery scores, the HRV range values are really useful.

Premium HeartAnalyzer offerings

Beyond the free HRV and SpO2 related complications, the HeartAnalyzer app also offers a one-time premium purchase for $4.99, opening up advanced functions for users interested in more insightful analytics.

The premium pricing offers users up to four years of data for analysis. It is family shareable so that you can share the premium features among your family plan members.

The premium offering also allows deep analytics for more advanced insights and metrics. 

Instead of paying the $4.99, you can also opt-in only for the Deep Analytics function for a $1.99 charge that provides the following:

  1. Deep dive analysis of your workouts
  2. Metrics on Active Energy and Cardio points
  3. Heart Rate recovery on workouts and
  4. Detailed insights on Heart Rate zones, HRV, and blood oxygen saturation.

The bottom line is that the HeartAnalyzer app is a real game-changer for doing a deep dive into your cardiovascular health and being able to monitor metrics that matter most to you at a glance on your Apple Watch.Heart Analyzer for Apple Watch

Conversations with Simon from HeartAnalyzer

One thing we like about this app is that the app developer, Simon is very responsive and is consistently working on taking user input and making refinements to the app.

We reached out to Simon and asked him about the motivations behind this helpful app.

“Heart Analyzer has now been around for about five years. I started the app because I wanted to create a way to visualize the vast amount of heart rate data recorded by the Apple Watch. 

Since then, I’ve been motivated by the amazing information that can be learned from diving into your health data. With the Apple Watch continuously getting more powerful and capable, I’ve advanced the app incorporating new data the watch records such as HRV, Blood Oxygen Saturation, and Electrocardiograms. 

But this is only half the story.

Our users have been fantastic at providing feedback continuously that directly drives new development cycles. This is the other key part of the puzzle to making the app successful. I can’t wait to see what new insights and trends we can help our users find from data in the app.”

New Features coming to HeartAnalyzer

The HeartAnalyzer team is currently working on new improvements and features:

As for new features this year, he is looking to incorporate the following:

  • Insights – For a while now, I’ve been working behind the scenes on a brand new Insights section of the app. This will include intelligently selected metrics that display when specific data trends have occurred. These might include displaying your nighttime heart rate if it’d been elevated on the previous night or indicating a new maximum heart rate that’s been reached in a recent workout
  • iPad and Mac apps – If Apple soon adds support for the Apple Health app on these devices, we’ll be ready to have Heart Analyzer there too

If you are looking for an Apple Health app that provides great visualizations and analytics into your cardiovascular health, you should definitely check out the affordable HealthAnalyzer.

Please let us know if you have any questions, and feel free to let us know your thoughts once you have tried out the app on your Apple Watch.


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