Movano Health introduces Evie: a smart ring specifically designed for Women

Movano Evie Smart Ring

Movano health introduced its new smart ring today. Evie, a medical-grade smart ring designed uniquely for women, will be unveiled during CES2023.

The company is planning to seek FDA clearance for Evie, making it the first consumer wearable that is also a medical device. 

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Movano Evie smart ring Key Features

In terms of features, the new smart ring will have the following features:

  1. Clinical grade SpO2 (Blood oxygen monitoring.)
  2. Heart Health Parameters include resting heart rate, HRV, respiration rate, and more.
  3. Skin Temperature variability.
  4. Period and ovulation tracking, along with menstrual symptom tracking.
  5. Activity tracking, including steps, active minutes, and calories burned.
  6. Mood Tracking.
  7. Sleep tracking, including sleep stage information.

Beyond these numerous metrics, the objective of Evie is to turn biometric data into actionable insights that can help women make lifestyle changes and allow them to take a more proactive approach to mitigate the risks of chronic disease.

Movano says: Evie uses medical grade heart rate and SpO2 data to help identify patterns in her sleep quality and trends in her menstrual cycle, so she can understand her body’s natural baseline and, over time, learn how to feel her best. Because a successful day looks different for every woman, the solution places as much emphasis on recovery as it does activity and encourages women to set goals related to physical and mental health.”

“We are bringing together medical-grade biometric data and insights in a comfortable and contemporary wearable that allows women to take ownership of their unique health journey.”, said Dr. John Mastrototaro, CEO of Movano Health.

It is made of polished aluminum and comes in three different finishes. 

The new smart ring is expected to cost under $300 with no added monthly subscription fees and will be available in 2023. 

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