New Kopa app offers a unique program for managing chronic conditions

Kopa app for Psoriasis

Aligned with the trend around personal disease management using technology, Happyify Health released a new app called Kopa this week.

Kopa is a new care delivery platform to support people with chronic conditions. 

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Designed with the complete person in mind, Kopa represents a new way to care and has been purpose-built to meet both mental and physical health needs by offering expert advice, community support, and personalized recommendations specific to their condition.

Kopa aims to improve the experience of living with chronic conditions by driving patient engagement with tools and support to confidently and successfully navigate the clinical, social, psychological, and physical challenges of their condition.

The Kopa for psoriasis is the first of many offerings from the team at Happyify Health.

Available in beta through the Apple app store and Google Play stores today, Kopa for Psoriasis provides people with a platform for open discussions with other psoriasis sufferers, patient advocates, and medical professionals within a safe and moderated community.

“With the launch of Kopa, we’re reimagining how healthcare is delivered to people with chronic conditions,” said Tomer Ben-Kiki, Co-Founder and CEO at Happify Health. “Our goal is to provide easily accessible tools, personalized content, community support and access to medical experts to help people live happier, more fulfilling lives.”

Happify Health selected psoriasis as the condition for their first Kopa product because of the common comorbidities people with psoriasis often experiences, such as stress, depression, anxiety, self-consciousness, and impaired social functioning.

These comorbidities can often affect work productivity, and lead to a higher BMI as well as an increased likelihood of smoking and alcohol use.

The Kopa app helps people with psoriasis to:

  • Connect with other people living with psoriasis
  • Ask questions, swap advice and learn what’s working for others
  • Share your ups and downs in a judgment-free zone
  • Offer recommendations and support to others who are newly diagnosed or struggling
  • Get info from medical experts


  • Get personalized content tailored to your symptoms and interests
  • Read up on the latest treatments
  • Learn how to deal with flare-ups, complications, and seasonal symptoms
  • Discover tips for skincare, healthy eating, exercising, dating, and socializing with psoriasis
  • Learn how to prioritize your mental health and happiness through it all.

You can check out the beta version of the app at the Apple app store.

The company plans on offering other personalized care programs for chronic conditions in the future.

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