How to find your Fitbit’s serial number

find your Fitbit's serial number

Need to locate your Fitbit smartwatch’s or tracker’s serial number, but finding that a much more difficult task than you expected? Looking to find your device’s serial number in the app and not getting anywhere? Well, you are not alone!

Unlike Apple, Garmin, and other smartwatch or fitness tracker manufacturers, Fitbit does not include access to your serial number in its app or your Fitbit account’s online dashboard. Even looking into your device details in the app doesn’t show a serial number.

Plus, Fitbit does not engrave or imprint the serial number on the physical device itself.

And that makes it very difficult to provide the serial number for your device if requested by the police for a lost or stolen Fitbit!

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Look at your Fitbit’s original packaging or boxFitbit in the original packaging box

Fitbit’s recommended method for locating your device’s serial number is to look for the manufacturing label on your device’s original packaging. You should find that label on the side or bottom of your Fitbit box.

You see two barcodes on your Fitbit’s original packaging box. One is the usual UPC code, and the other, the longer one, is your Fitbit’s serial number.

Don’t have or threw away your Fitbit’s original box or packaging?

If you own a Fitbit, there is a way to view your device’s serial number on the device itself. 

So if you don’t have the Fitbit box AND you purchased your Fitbit directly from Fitbit’s online store, look for any emailed order confirmations from Fitbit. Order confirmation splash screen Fitbit

Look for an email order confirmation or shipment from Fitbit, usually from the email address [email protected]. Thoroughly review that email and see if the serial number is listed there.

If you kept the invoice included with the shipment, look at that invoice and see if the serial number is listed there.

Look at the sales receipt if you purchased your Fitbit via a third party.

Your sales receipt, invoice, or order confirmation might list your device’s serial number. Many companies scan this bar code during the sale; the number might be on your receipt.

Try contacting Fitbit Help

If you still can’t locate your Fitbit’s serial number, contact Fitbit’s support team. Ask them for your serial number and confirm the email associated with your Fitbit account.

As long as you previously registered your Fitbit to your account by connecting and syncing your Fitbit device to the Fitbit app or via Fitbit Connect, the customer service representative should be able to provide you with the serial number.

They may ask why you need the serial number. Answer honestly, like the example below where I needed to document my Fitbit Inspire’s serial number in a spreadsheet that contains all the serial numbers (and other relevant info) for all the electronics in my family.

Ask Fitbit support for your device's serial number

Having the serial number available is also a good idea, just in case your Fitbit is lost or stolen. Any police or security personnel will want this information.

Provide your feedback to Fitbit

It never hurts to ask Fitbit to include the device serial number in the Fitbit app for future updates.

Fitbit does not have an official feedback method. So contact Fitbit Help and customer support, visit Fitbit’s Facebook page, or Fitbit’s Twitter account to offer your feedback to the company.

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