Samsung Health introduces Blood Pressure Monitoring for Galaxy Watch Active 2 users

Samsung Active Blood Pressure monitor

Among the key players in the health and wearables space, Samsung has become the first company to successfully launch a blood pressure monitoring feature via its Samsung health monitor Application.

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On the heels of obtaining clearance from South Korea’s ministry of food and safety on May 24 for its AFib monitor, Samsung received clearance for Samsung Health Monitor Application with a Blood pressure monitor today (June 18th, 2020).

Starting today, Galaxy Watch Active2 users in South Korea can measure and track their BP via the app anytime.

The new feature requires a Galaxy smartphone, running Android 7.0 or above, and Galaxy Watch Active 2.

As per Samsung, “When you measure your blood pressure with the Galaxy Watch Active2, the measurement results can be synced to the Samsung Health Monitor app on your Galaxy phone.

You can track your blood pressure by days, weeks, or months and choose to share this information with your doctor for review or consultation.”

Samsung Galaxy watch blood pressure reading

“The launch of the Samsung Health Monitor app demonstrates Samsung’s dedication to providing accessible and convenient healthcare for all by integrating advanced hardware and best-in-class software technology,” said TaeJong Jay Yang, Corporate SVP and Head of Health Team, Mobile Communications Business at Samsung Electronics. 

“We’re delighted that Galaxy Watch Active2 users in Korea can now access the new app and receive insights to help them manage their health.

We look forward to expanding the app to all future Galaxy Watch products.”

Although there are many FDA-approved blood pressure monitoring cuffs available out there, this is the first time a big tech company has approached this process and has successfully integrated it into its’ existing wearables ecosystem.

There is no word around when the company plans to submit for clearance with the US FDA so that they can launch the feature here.

We will keep monitoring the developments and update you on the progress.


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