New wearable offers support for in-home physical therapy

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Surge Therapy offers a technology that combines a digital platform with a physical sleeve that has built-in sensors to track the position and speed of the limb and the angles of joints during exercise. 

This unique system from Surge Therapy allows therapists to deliver customized home rehab programs to their patients and monitor their progress.

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Using the Surge Therapy wearable in your physical therapy sessions

The Surge device provides real-time feedback on accuracy and motivates patients through virtual group physical therapy sessions.

During these sessions, users can benchmark their progress against others, offering a little friendly competition.Wearable for remote physical therapy

The idea around Surge Therapy is a result of two aspiring Stanford bio-design students; James Savoldelli and Ryan Kalil.

“When you have physical therapy, your therapist tells you immediately if your form is incorrect and helps you adjust your positioning for maximum benefit,” Kalili explained. “We wanted to provide the same real-time feedback for people at home.”

The core value proposition of the Surge Therapy platform is to provide better outcomes for injured athletes.

“The way the solution has evolved makes it much more robust,” said Pablo Pantaleoni, a digital health coach at the Stanford Byers Center for Biodesign and a vice president at Headspace, where he focuses on the development of digital therapeutics.

“By providing a holistic solution, including digital and physical components, the Surge solution will appeal a much broader patient population than the team originally imagined.”

Check the short Q&A and video to learn more about the health tech innovation that this talented duo has pursued.

Source: Stanford Byers center of Biodesign


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