Know Labs gets ready to launch its clinical trials for noninvasive blood Glucose monitoring

noninvasive blood glucose monitoring know labs

Know Labs (ticker: KNWN), a publicly-traded company, is developing a palm-reading blood glucose device called the KnowU and a wristband called the UBand that allows users to check their blood glucose levels through an app.

The Seattle, Washington-based company is currently enrolling patients for clinical trials to test its blood glucose monitoring device.

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Unlike other potential solutions that are attempting to use advanced spectrometry plus photonics, Know Labs technology uses radio waves to monitor blood glucose levels. The objective is to get a blood glucose level reading by avoiding finger pricks or transmitters.

The company recently hired Steven Kent as chief product officer. Kent was previously the head of health partnerships and corporate strategy at Oura, a company that makes a ring to track metrics like sleep, heart rate, and activity.  

Know Labs noninvasive glucose monitoring uses radio waves to detect changes in your body. This is done by analyzing the amplitude of specific radio waves between the minimum and maximum concentration levels of what’s flowing through your circulatory system. 

Through complex data science and machine learning, the platform can detect different molecules and how much of these molecules are flowing through your body.

According to the company, the Bio-RFID technology platform can accurately identify molecules in your bloodstream, such as glucose, oxygen, and alcohol. As the technology can identify and measure the amount of a specific molecule, there is no need to use a different device, such as a finger stick, for calibration.

The blood glucose monitoring device is expected to feature custom notification features that will alert users when their blood glucose levels are too high or low.

The non-invasive glucose monitoring device is expected to have 7-day battery life and is expected to be swim-proof. Know Labs has secured a manufacturing partnership with Racer Technology, a state-of-the-art medical device and health care manufacturer in Singapore.Clinical Trials start for noninvasive blood glucose monitoring

“By strengthening our executive leadership team, we are better positioned to tackle the milestones needed for the (Food and Drug Administration) clearance process.”, said Phil Bosua, the CEO of Know Labs.

The company had announced in Feb 2022 that it had received approval from an independent Institutional Review Board (IRB) for the protocol of its upcoming internal clinical trial. This brings the company one step closer to its FDA pre-submission meeting and launching what it believes will be the first non-invasive glucose monitoring devices. 

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