ObeEnd Fitness Tracker with Neuromodulation wins 2021 Red Dot Design award

ObeEnd Fitness tracker with neuromodulation

ObeEnd Fitness Tracker has received an award in 2021 Red Dot Design for its aesthetically appealing, innovative, and smart design quality.

ObeEnd is the world’s first smart wristband that utilizes targeted neuromodulation and closed-loop feedback technology to help manage weight.

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Made of hypoallergenic medical grade silicone, the ObeEnd fitness tracker has step counting, heart rate monitoring, and fitness tracking functions integrated into the main unit.

The electrodes used for targeted neuromodulation are embedded within the wrist strap.

ObeEnd is the first wearable device to combine the therapeutic aspects of neuromodulation with fitness tracking utilities.

ObeEnd uses high-precision electrical stimulation via PC6 to target specific regions in the central nervous system. According to the company, this helps with decreased gastric secretion and contraction, leading to reduced appetite and better diet control. A closed-loop control system has been developed.

The ObeEnd App would collect BMI data from its users and generate personalized electrical stimulation for optimal results.

There has been some research out there suggesting that neuromodulation can effectively influence the central nervous system to reduce appetite and more.

Furthermore, stimulation of the Vagus Nerve can also influence appetite. The vagus nerve (VN) provides the parasympathetic innervation to the GI tract, co-ordinates the complex interactions between central and peripheral neural control mechanisms. VN dysfunction can result in obesity, mood disorders, and inflammation. The therapeutic potential of VN modulation to attenuate or reverse these pathophysiological outcomes have also been researched.

Although ObeEnd is approved by US Federal Communications Commission and is CE marked, we could not locate any clinical studies that show how this fitness tracker with neuromodulation helps users who are looking to manage weight.

ObeEnd will soon be initiating a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for this project.

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