Oura Ring builds upon daytime stress monitoring capabilities by launching a new Resilience levels feature

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Oura, the smart ring maker announced today that it will be unveiling a new set of features next week for their existing and new users. The company plans on rolling out a new concept called Resilience that augments the existing Oura Daytime Stress feature.

According to research made public by Future Market Insights, The stress tracking devices market is estimated to secure a valuation of US$ 2.5 Billion in 2023 and is estimated to rise to US$ 4.7 Billion by 2033. 

Another market trend fueling the growth of stress-tracking devices is the increasing prevalence of stress-related disorders. Factors such as urbanization, work-related stress, and lifestyle changes have led to a growing incidence of stress-related conditions like anxiety and depression. This has resulted in a surge in the demand for stress-tracking devices as individuals seek solutions to better manage their stress and overall mental well-being.

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Oura is one of the key smart ring / wearables player that is tuned to this new emerging trend and is actively taking insights from its existing users to roll out new wellness features centered around stress management and monitoring.Oura Ring Resilience Levels

Resilience Level refers to your body’s ability to withstand physiological stress and recover from it in the long term. 

According to the guidelines issued by the company today,

  • Oura’s new Resilience feature allows members to track their daily stress and recovery, and monitor how this balance influences their resilience to stress over time – known on Oura as their Resilience level.
  • You can build resilience through habits such as exercising consistently, eating a healthy diet, experiencing hormetic stressors, getting good sleep, and surrounding yourself with social support, among others. 

Oura categorizes your resilience levels over the past two weeks, ranging from “Exceptional” to “Limited.” A positive trend means you’re recovering well and strengthening your resilience, while a downward trend may signal the need for intentional recovery. 

For the Resilience feature, Oura’s algorithm “evaluates your ability to manage stress and enhance overall well-being by integrating two key components: physiological stress and recovery,” says Iman Alikhani, Senior Data Scientist at Oura.

In the Oura App, your resilience is categorized into 5 levels: Exceptional, Strong, Solid, Adequate, and Limited. 

The new feature is expected to be rolled out next week. We will report back after testing out the new feature.

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